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Time for a big family introduction.
Wed Jun 19, 2019 15:35

Having her parents at Sonora was lovely, but Lily could not understand why her mother always had to be so dour. It must be a Princeton trait, one that had not been passed down to her or her siblings, thank Merlin, because all of her cousins and family on her mum’s side seemed to share it. Lily felt a bit better walking away from them and even congratulated herself for not losing her temper. She would take a few deep breaths and hope Dad had calmed Mum down enough that they wouldn’t get into a row.

As she pondered whether to take a strawberry tart or a chocolate brownie, she heard her name and turned around. Lily brightened when she saw Jozua and his family. She stepped away from the table and embraced him without regard for the adults. “Teppenpaw was wonderful too. Loved the explosions particularly.” She grinned, and then turned to his family as he introduced them. She remembered them from the time she’d visited long ago as his friend. Their relationship had changed since then, but her comfort level around his family had not.

“It’s lovely to see you all again as well,” she said enthusiastically. “Thank you!” She blushed a bit with pleasure at his granddad’s affirmation. Already she could see herself getting on quite well with him.

Lily spotted her siblings at the refreshment table as well glancing at her, and she waved them over. They walked over immediately and perhaps a bit too eagerly. “These are two of my siblings, Charlotte and Jack,” said Lily. “My oldest brother wasn’t able to make it. He works for the Ministry in London and has a child on the way, so he’s incredibly busy.” She turned to Charlotte and Jack. “You both remember Jozua. These are his parents and Granddad.”

“Lovely to meet you all,” said Charlotte with a demure smile. She hadn’t seen Jozua since he was a first year with her sister, but she’d seen photos and heard loads about him from Lily. “You all must be proud of Jozua, he was fantastic.” Charlotte herself, as a former Crotalus, was keen on her former house’s performance, just as Jack had preferred Aladren’s performance, but the others had admittedly been enjoyable to watch.

“Very nice to meet you,” added Jack, glancing at the table where his parents were sitting. “I know our parents are eager to meet you all. They’ve heard nothing but good things about Jozua. Lily talks of little else.” He knew Lily would hex him for this, but it was the right thing to do. After all, Lily had met the Sparks family ages ago, but Mum and Dad hadn’t had the same privilege living on the other side of the pond. “Lily, why don’t you introduce them?” he said, leading the group on. Jack knew Lily was glaring daggers at him, but he didn’t look at her.

Lily did, in fact, glare at her older brother, but she took Jozua’s hand as if to reassure both of them that their families meeting would be fine. “That sounds like a great idea,” she replied, and confidently led the group towards her parents.

Cassie spotted them first and patted Henry before they stood with smiles.

“Mum, Dad, this is Jozua,” said Lily, glancing at her boyfriend to see how he was reacting to this situation. “And these are his parents and his granddad.” She turned to the Sparks. “This is my mum and dad.”

Henry leant forward to shake everyone’s hand and Cassie did the same. “Henry Spencer, lovely to finally meet you all.” He shook Jozua’s hand a bit more enthusiastically. “It’s nice to finally put a face to the boy Lily’s been friends with since her first year. Congratulations on graduating! What are your plans after this?”

“I’m Cassie Spencer. Thank you for taking Lily to the duelling tournament all those years ago,” said Cassie to his parents. “That was lovely of you to do, and we were never able to thank you properly. If any of you are ever in London, we’d be happy to have you.” Cassie was apt to make broad hospitable statements that seemed genuine, one of the many proper manners of a Princeton pure-blood, but whether she actually meant them was often questionable to the rest of her family. Lily wasn’t quite sure if Cassie was being sincere or just wanting to see the sort of family Lily might marry into in the future.

“Please, take a seat at our table,” she added, gesturing at the extra chairs. Jozua’s immediate family seemed small, which Cassie did not mind seeing how loud her own children were when they were all together. Henry loved the chaos that came with so many children, but Cassie did not.

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