Kir McLeod
Thu Jun 20, 2019 07:17

Kir was somewhat anxious for the fourth song. Admittedly, there had been water already and there was fire still to come, and there were a lot of ways in which those could have gone or still could go wrong, but this was the one where something going messily and painfully wrong was on his shoulders if it happened.

The transition between the third and fourth songs was the longest, but luckily the latter involved piano, and so the introduction could just be spun out and improvised upon, and he was sure it seemed perfectly reasonable to the audience even if he felt pressured by it. Dorian and Jozua did a pretty good job of summoning almost all the water off stage, though it was impossible to get it all, and he and Georgia had to do a sweep with a drying charm to make sure that no one was going to slip during the final two songs. Then he helped Dorian to levitate a staircase onto the stage, because for all that it was a lightweight prop staircase, it was still quite unwieldy for fourth year who was shorter than its tallest step to shift by himself, and Jozua was busy. Once he'd helped with the set elements, Kir went offstage to where Jozua had just finished making the last of a small group of Teppenpaws invisible-ish, in order to also become disillusioned (in the more magical and less tragic existential crisis sense). Jozua was freaking good at it too. Kir obviously knew his own hands were there, they were attached to the rest of him (if rather distally), and because he knew he was just disillusioned not invisible, he could pick out the hand shaped disturbance in the background pattern he held it up against. But he was looking, really looking, and knew what he was looking for and where.

The Teppenpaws began to sing. There were some who were still visible on stage who would have worked as something of a mask for those the audience couldn't see, who were generally rejoining their number. However, a cunning little spell from Dorian had their voices coming in from all around the room so that no one could tune in on where they were, as that would have spoilt some of the surprises.

They had not wanted the effects to be a repeat of the opening number, and thus a lot more choreography was involved, the disillusionment charms worked into it. Johana-Leonie was the principal dancer, the movements slow and graceful, fitting the song. As it built towards the chorus, she got into a ballroom hold before turning on the spot and vanishing before the audience's eyes. Less than a beat later, just the time it had taken to turn, a second dancer appeared in the mirror image of her position, almost as if one had turned into the other. They twirled their way through most of the first chorus before another well shot spell revealed Johana-Leonie again, and the fact that the two of them were paired and dancing together.

This pattern of movement and spellwork continued throughout the song. Kir was still standing stock still and probably the most unnoticeable he had ever been. He watched as Johana-Leonie began to make her way up the steps until she was about five and a half feet in the air. At this point, she turned around and, back dead straight, simply fell back into nothingness. The audience had a moment to appreciate that she was genuinely falling, before the spell on Kir was broken at the last available second so that she was actually revealed to be falling into his outstretched arms. Kir breathed a sigh of relief, and turned, depositing her gently on the floor.

He was pretty sure he had been more anxious about that moment than she had. She had seemed remarkably fine with hurling herself into space, to the extent he had been concerned that something was getting lost in translation. He had put in a safeguard - when she got to the top, he had reached out and tapped her leg three times, the signal that he was there. He had gone over this with her several times, making her explain back to him to be sure she understood. No signal, no leaving the platform. Just improvise something else. Yes, it would probably look weird, and be oddly anticlimactic but it was better than having a first year go splat. Even if he was sure the medic could have fixed her up in a second, it would still have been a very long, painful and unpleasant second.

The final chorus, everyone stayed visible, Johana-Leonie working her way along the row to be twirled, dipped and so on by her fellow Teppenpaws. Kir had drawn the line at any really ridiculous lift, because he just did not have arm muscles, but there was a certain amount he could manage just by virtue of his height, and provided there were no professional choreographers present, most lifts looked impressive enough for the average lay-person. He put his hands on her waist and she jumped, assisted in gaining height and momentum and spreading her arms in a triumphant ‘ta-da’ motion before gently returning to earth.

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