The Montoirs
Thu Jun 20, 2019 19:38

Dorian made his way over to his family, smiling happily but also feeling a little nervous inside. He had loved the Teppenpaw show - he had loved everything about it, the cheery songs, and what they represented, and all the whole way they’d made it look. He was proud of what he’d achieved and what his house stood for, and it really felt like he’d put a piece of himself out there, even if he hadn’t been on stage. And he so badly wanted them to think well of that. To at least be getting something right.

His mother and Émilie sprang up when they saw him, and he ended up caught between them as they both seemed to want to hug him at once, his sister letting off a volley of questions in French (including whether he’d used her notebook) and his mother chatting away in Chinese. If any of the Club of Tongues were in earshot, it was probably enough to make their heads spin, both because of the mixture of languages and because of just how fast they were spoken when not accommodating foreigners. They could probably pick out the fact that the emphatic ‘fēicháng’ was being thrown around a lot. They also probably knew most of the words in ‘Nǐ shì yīgè cōngmíng de Xiǎo Tùzǐ,’ and this was said fairly emphatically at the end. He thought that he was probably supposed to object to having nicknames used in public, or be horribly embarrassed, but he wasn’t. He wasn’t sure if Tatya knew that he was his mother’s ‘little bunny’ (Jehan had stayed in their house for a week, and he was sure it was impossible for his mother to have not used the name in that space of time) but he was also confident she wouldn’t make fun of that, and nor would Vlad. No one else was likely to understand.

“Can you breathe?” his father asked playfully, gently pulling Émilie back by the shoulder, “You can let him go,” he suggested to them both. And as they disentwined themselves, Dorian assumed that was more or less it. His father usually gave him a ‘very good’ when he turned in a good report card but he wasn’t as effusive as his mother and sister. He was therefore very surprised when his father clapped him on the shoulder.

“Good show,” he smiled. “All those effects are your work?”

“Not all, no,” Dorian hurriedly corrected him, “There was an older boy, Jozua, who did the complicated stuff - the fireworks, the disillusions.”

“Still,” his father continued, “You put in a lot of work, yes? Lots of it, I suppose, things people might not see. What was it you did write us with? Rain not making sounds?”


“Yes! Did not hear any single drop. You fixed that then?”

“Yes, I used some impervius charms. With-” he had been about to say ‘help.’

“Clever stuff. You always are clever. And must be getting to be quite powerful, huh? That was lots of spellwork.”

This conversation was odd. It was odd because Dorian suddenly realised they were having it in English. English at Sonora was so normal, and for a while it had been the language when they were all together, but now Mama’s French was so much better that it wasn’t necessary. Was his father speaking Engish because of where they were? The tone of his voice was also… odd. It was familiar, but Dorian couldn’t place it for a second. And then he realised. It was his father’s post-Quidditch-match voice. It was the voice he used to talk to Matthieu about his games - excellent strike against their Keeper! That made sure they didn’t equalise on goals. That block you got in, close one. Almost didn’t think you’d make it, but of course you did - the tone designed not only to convey his pride to his son but to make sure his voice carried, and that everyone in the vicinity knew just how well Matthieu had done too. Or, in this case, Dorian. And that was why his father was speaking English. He wanted everyone around to know what Dorian had done. Dorian felt slightly like the floor had been snatched out from under him, and he almost wanted to cry with happiness. Because his father was using the Matthieu-Quidditch-Voice about him, about something he had done, and that was unprecedented enough in itself, but it was about something in which he had been himself. Mama, and Émilie, and even his father - they were all happy with him and what he had done.

OOC - 'feichang' is 'very' and the compliment is 'You are a clever little bunny.'

  • Post concert socialisationDH Skies, Sun May 26 23:55
    The Teppenpaws had had an awful lot of explosions. The Pecaris had been flying about all over the place. Even the Aladrens had thrown some spells about. But no one had got hurt and nothing had ended... more
    • Meet the parentCleo and Isaac (and family cameos), Sat Jul 20 07:12
      The performance had gone pretty well in Isaac’s opinion. His housemates were so much fun and putting on an adventure play had been a great idea. He was going to miss Lily next year because she... more
    • Just Own The NightGeorgia Kirkly (and dad), Fri Jun 21 09:33
      Georgia made her way off stage, still positively beaming. She scanned the crowd just managing to catch her dad's eye before she had to find a seat for the remaining two acts - he was grinning broadly ... more
    • Pride — The Montoirs, Thu Jun 20 19:38
    • Hooray, it's overEmerald Brockert, Mon Jun 17 00:11
      Emerald was really glad the concert was over. She would never have had anything to do with it if she hadn't been prefect. Not that she wished she hadn't been made prefect, it was just that performing ... more
    • Post concert tension.The Spencers, Tue Jun 4 14:14
      The entire ordeal had been bearable, according to Cassie Spencer, and she was less than impressed by the array of refreshments. However, she said nothing, sat at a round table and ate the little... more
      • Post concert meetingsThe Sparks, Fri Jun 14 16:18
        Stefanie had - with difficulty - put aside her annoyance with her father-in-law. Who in their right mind aided and abetted a child they didn’t even know in doing something as obviously not done as... more
        • Time for a big family introduction.The Spencers, Wed Jun 19 15:35
          Having her parents at Sonora was lovely, but Lily could not understand why her mother always had to be so dour. It must be a Princeton trait, one that had not been passed down to her or her siblings, ... more
          • Hoping to make a good impression Jozua Sparks and family , Thu Jun 20 10:40
            If pushed, Jozua would admit that the concert hadn’t been too bad and he’d actually ended up enjoying doing the complex the stage effects. He’d been a bit concerned at first that the song selections, ... more
            • Good impressions so far.Cassie, Henry Spencer and family, Fri Jun 21 15:47
              Cassie was glad for the familiarity she felt with Stephanie. Finally, some proper company with which Lily was associated. So far, her children were doing rather well choosing partners for themselves. ... more
    • Because I wasn't busy enough. [Tag Jessica.]Evelyn Stones, Mon Jun 3 16:18
      OOC - The very end of the night/final thread for Evelyn. IC - The end of the year should've been bittersweet. The sound of footsteps trickling down the hall as the night wound to a close should've... more
      • Rest is for the weak.Jessica Hayles, Mon Jun 3 16:55
        It was almost time to go home. For months, that thought had sustained Jessica. No matter how awful things seemed, she had known that eventually she would get to go home, and spend some time where it... more
        • I am too weak to rest. Evelyn Stones, Mon Jun 3 17:02
          Evelyn had turned resolutely back to her reflection, figuring she wasn't in Teppenpaw and had no reputation for niceties to uphold. She was Evelyn Stones of the Oregon Jerkfaces and that was just... more
          • Maybelline. Jessica nodded. The original mascara people. It had always been an effort to compete with Maybelline in the mascara market, simply because they had that reputation as the people who had... more
            • "Your family-- wow! That's so cool!" Well, what fortune there was to be found in the bathroom these days. Evelyn wondered what it would be like to have a business-oriented family that was not crappy, ... more
              • You can do whatever you want. Such an appealing thought. Jessica had always believed it, until this year. She rather hoped that Evelyn was right and Skies was wrong, but even if she was, then... more
                • Well, that song will be stuck in my head forever.Evelyn Stones, Tue Jun 4 00:53
                  Evelyn grinned her signature dorky grin; she was always excited for makeup and the terrible time she had coming up would certainly be improved by samples. "That sounds good. You must get loads of... more
                  • Jessica smiled politely and nodded at the comment about getting things for free. She did, of course, she supposed, technically, though Mommy and Daddy had always discouraged her from talking about... more
                    • Run, always run.Evelyn Stones, Sun Jun 9 22:50
                      Evelyn smiled, agreeing wholeheartedly with the idea that more friends were always good. Of course, her life hardly reflected that. She supposed that she was prone to recruiting people to her small... more
    • Everything is perfectly fine here.The Mordues, Mon Jun 3 15:03
      Nathaniel carefully focused on his hand. He could not put too much pressure on the fork, could not grip it too tightly. If he did that, it would show anxiety, and he could not do that. Uncle... more
      • I blame the hedgeJeremy Mordue, Tue Jun 4 05:15
        Mother hadn't come. Because of a headache. It was the same old excuse that she trotted out whenever she just didn't feel like bothering with being their parent. She was stressed, she was tired, she... more
        • That doesn't seem helpful.Nathaniel Mordue, Thu Jun 13 17:21
          Something was wrong. This was, on the whole, nothing new, but right now something specific and not part of everyday was wrong. Either Jeremy was ill or Jeremy was hiding, because he had been gone... more
          • You're not helpful!Jeremy Mordue, Fri Jun 14 06:32
            Great. It had to be Nathaniel. Nathaniel, who was perfect and did everything right, was now going to point out to Jeremy how he was failing again. How he should just learn to behave and not let this... more
            • Fair. Let me try again.Nathaniel , Fri Jun 14 12:44
              As soon as he asked the question, Nathaniel knew it was the wrong one. It was quite obvious what Jeremy was doing; the actual question was why he was doing it. Did it wrong. Not good enough. Not good ... more
              • Keep diggingJeremy Mordue, Sat Jun 15 22:35
                He couldn’t leave. He wanted to help. He was worried that Jeremy was going to hurt himself. And Jeremy’s solution didn’t fix anything. Right. That was the real problem. Not that Jeremy was going to... more
                • I'm trying my best.Nathaniel, Sun Jun 16 15:37
                  Nathaniel realized pretty much instantly that he had clearly not helped yet. He did not think that noticing this was any great measure of perceptiveness on his part, however. Anyone could have seen... more
    • Complaints (tag Tatiana)Émilie Montoir, Sat Jun 1 09:56
      Émilie had not quite made up her mind what to do about Professor Brooding yet. Part of her was tempted to complain to Mama or Professor Skies or anyone who’d listen and have the horrible woman fired... more
      • Concern.Tatiana Vorontsova, Mon Jun 3 13:30
        In the hours leading up to the Concert, Tatiana had been so excited that she had briefly forgotten how to speak English. Fortunately, there was one other student who was fluent in Russian and a... more
        • Increasingly soÉmilie, Mon Jun 3 19:30
          "Oui, je sais," Émilie nodded grimly, when Tatiana mentioned how very much time Dorian spent with the Professor. "He should not do like this. It is not correct," she protested when Tatiana mentioned... more
          • Yes, concern is on the rise.Tatiana, Mon Jun 3 21:09
            Tatiana was surprised by the utter bluntness of Émilie's assessment of Dorian's behavior with Professor Brooding, and half-shrugged. "He is her - bah, I forget word. She asks for help from student.... more
            • I have practical solutionsÉmilie, Tue Jun 4 00:49
              Émilie was concerned by the word that Tatiana couldn't find. Favourite? Pet? But it seemed there was another student in the same position. It was hard to imagine them both having exactly the same... more
              • Practical and direct, I approve.Tatiana, Tue Jun 4 14:55
                Tatiana shrugged at the question about why Dorian could not stay with Jehan instead of going to philosophize wi"ofth the professor. "I don't know. Last year, they have a fight. Maybe he just make... more
                • Just like youÉmilie, Wed Jun 5 19:20
                  “Quoi? Quand? Et porquoi?” Émilie asked, shocked when Tatiana said that Dorian had had a fight with Jehan. Dorian and Jehan did not fight. She supposed it had been nothing, just a little spat the way ... more
    • Meeting the parents (Tag all Iveses)Kir McLeod (plus surprise guest), Fri May 31 23:37
      It was a pretty big evening. There were quite a lot of important things that were happening. The first had been Teppenpaw's concert performance, which he was very relieved had gone to Georgia's... more
      • Meeting the Boyfriend All The Iveses, Wed Jun 12 10:19
        The concert had been very educational. In the case of the tour and even the Aladren act, that had been overt, with direct explanations about the facts of Sonora life, but the other three acts told... more
        • HiKir, Sat Jun 15 04:38
          "Pleased to meet you," Kir smiled, as Zevalyn's parents introduced themselves. They had not called themselves Dr. Ives and Dr. Ives, and they had used their first names. Kir knew quite a lot of... more
          • Sometime later...Kir, Fri Jun 21 09:20
            Eva had come to retrieve her brother a short way into the conversation, and Kir had persuaded the small child to go by pointing out that Eva had got hold of classified materials, i.e. the boy's spy... more
    • We should probably talk (tag Professor Skies).Arthur and Rosalie Hayles, Fri May 31 21:46
      Jessica had not performed in the Crow-talon (or however it was said) House act, or in the Concert in any other capacity, and this left Arthur and Ros both feeling somewhat at a loss. There was an... more
      • We agree on one thing already, thenDH Skies, Sat Jun 1 21:05
        Ah. The Hayleses. Selina had been in two minds about whether she ought to seek them out or not. Before Midterm, it had felt like things with Jessica were verging on the point where she would need to... more
        • Hopefully that won’t be the last one.Arthur and Ros, Sun Jun 2 17:38
          Ros was loath to admit it, but she relaxed slightly after the witch in front of her was no longer in direct contact with Arthur’s hand. Since the Wall Incident, she had been slightly wary of touching ... more
          • Lots of agreeing would be niceDH Skies, Mon Jun 3 18:41
            "Pleased to meet you," Selina smiled warmly, shaking Mrs. Hayles' hand. She wasn't sure what to make of the fact that she had seemed content to let her husband speak for them until that point, or... more
            • Yes, it would.Arthur and Ros, Mon Jun 3 22:40
              "It did seem a little in line with the rest of your aesthetic," said Ros, not unreasonably, Arthur thought, when Mrs. Skies asked why they had thought there might be dungeons. "There's torches and... more
              • "Well, some of us our aesthetic may be rather medieval, as you say, but I can assure you that our methods aren't," Selina smiled politely. Storybook witches it was then, in terms of the impression... more
                • It seems possible.Arthur and Ros, Sat Jun 8 20:31
                  "That's a rather unscientific ground to build your - Houses? - on," remarked Arthur. "And if my prep school was anything to go by, the others would be happy to have her, so she could tell them how to ... more
                  • *frantically lays more*Selina Skies, Tue Jun 11 03:22
                    Selina was quite curious as to what Arthur Hayles would consider a scientific method for house placements, or indeed why he thought a scientific method was at all necessary for something that was... more
    • The things I haven't said. [Tag Ness, etc.]Evelyn Stones, Fri May 31 21:28
      OOC -- Takes place before post-concert thread with Heinrich. IC -- It wasn't exactly true that Evelyn was avoiding telling Ness the news she'd only recently learned herself, but she wasn't... more
      • Oh. Eep.Ness McLeod, Sat Jun 1 00:55
        Ness was feeling really good. The Aladren concert performance had been fun, educational, and had offered the second year a very prominent role. Teppenpaw and Pecari’s acts had been enjoyable too,... more
        • Same though.Evelyn Stones, Sat Jun 1 01:04
          When Ness responded in such a perfectly Ness way, Evelyn let out a gush of air that was somewhere between a laugh, a sigh, and just the inevitable release of breath that comes after having held it... more
          • Can I fix it?Ness, Sat Jun 1 01:21
            “Oh Ev!” Ness gasped, when Evelyn revealed that she too had been left. “Hug?” the Aladren offered, making into a question by habit, although already halfway to pulling Ev into one, at this point... more
            • You're welcome to try. Evelyn Stones, Sat Jun 1 01:32
              Evelyn accepted Ness' hug with a huff, partly out of resignation to the mess that was her life, and partly because she didn't expect the ferocity and kindness of that hug. It was comforting, and... more
              • Reparo!Ness, Sun Jun 2 19:31
                "None of that makes sense," Ness protested, as Evelyn went further into her mother's reasoning. Being a parent meant putting your kids first. It meant loving them unconditionally. They had a poster... more
                • Hey, not too bad. Evelyn Stones, Sun Jun 2 19:45
                  Evelyn nodded, agreeing. It hurt to agree. Everything hurt. She hated it, but it did feel a little better to hear that she wasn't crazy for being sad. She felt like she should probably be happy for... more
                  • "Oh. Okay," Ness nodded, as Evelyn explained what she was doing. And that it was something Ness had taught her. That did make the Aladren feel better. "And yeah. That makes sense..." Ness agreed,... more
                    • Spellotape would do it I think. Evelyn Stones, Tue Jun 4 00:20
                      "Thank you," Evelyn said, sincerely relieved at having made herself clear, or clear enough. Still, she hated to see Ness look so down, especially when she knew it was her own fault. Why couldn't she... more
    • Come see me. [Tag Zara.] Felipe De Matteo, Tue May 28 18:46
      Felipe was nervous. He wasn't sure why he was nervous, other than the usual nerves that accompanied such events where parents had eyes on him. He was used to crowds, and perhaps that's what made him... more
      • Make me smiiiiiiileZara Jackson, Wed May 29 10:56
        "Thank you," Zara beamed, when Felipe complimented her performance, "It was so much fun! I wish we could do it again!" she bounced. Teppenpaw had been on second, so she had then sat and watched... more
        • But then I might smile too.Felipe De Matteo, Wed May 29 19:05
          The urge to reach out and touch the soft sparkles that were crowning Zara's head was surprisingly strong, and only years of etiquette training kept the show of strain - or nausea - off his face. "You ... more
          • Would that be so terrible?Zara, Thu May 30 06:11
            "Thank you," Zara said, more softly when Felipe told her she looked beautiful. She knew there were more important things to be, like kind or hard working, but it was still nice to hear it. It was a... more
            • I am . . . not sure. Felipe De Matteo, Thu May 30 11:53
              Felipe, for his part, was very glad that Zara preferred to stay down here. There were lots of reasons that was a good choice, but he let himself just enjoy it for what it was worth, and smiled at his ... more
              • Let's find out!The Jacksons, Fri May 31 21:24
                “It’s a pleasure to meet you too,” Abraham smiled sincerely, shaking Felipe’s hand. The boy seemed sort of shy and serious, and Abraham tried to convey with his tone and his smile that he was not... more
                • OR! Or . . . or! We could not. The De Matteos, Fri May 31 21:47
                  Julieta beamed at Zara when the girl demonstrated a politeness that far exceeded her expectation for the average eleven-year-old. Were all the girls at Sonora so wonderful? When they'd sent Felipe to ... more
                  • No but let'sThe Jacksons, Sat Jun 1 03:25
                    “Well, I think it only counts as an insult if the other person takes it badly. And seeing as I don’t know what it was, I can’t do that. I’m sure it was nothing too terrible though,” Abraham smiled.... more
                    • That sounds stressful though. The De Matteos, Sat Jun 1 17:31
                      Ilefonso laughed loudly, grinning at the other father. "Good man," he said. "I appreciate your sense of humor. And I'm grateful for it," he added more seriously. "We never really can be sure what our ... more
    • Come, meet your second family! [tag Hilda] Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, et al., Mon May 27 14:02
      OOC - all dialogue in German unless stated otherwise. IC - With the concert over, and exciting things about to end, Johana Leonie was practically bubbling. She was going home! It had been far too... more
      • Freut michHilda Hexenmeister, Sat Jun 1 06:53
        OOC: All dialogue is in German. Hilda was not certain that she had really been a great help with Pecari's concert act. Neither was she entirely sure she had done exactly what Lily wanted her to do,... more
        • Lass uns für immer Freunde sein!Johana Leonie, etc., Sat Jun 1 17:13
          Agathe laughed heartily, amused by the warmth and joy of the little girl who had befriended her daughter. It was entirely unexpected to find other German speakers at Sonora of all places, and she and ... more
    • Goodbye for now. [Tag Heinrich]Evelyn Stones, Mon May 27 13:37
      Evelyn had taken care to spend extra time with Ness and Malikhi especially before the end of the year and before the concert. There was just so much happening, and everyone would be leaving. The... more
      • Auf WiedersehenHeinrich Hexenmeister, Sat Jun 1 10:54
        Heinrich had been drafted for a larger concert role than he'd really wanted. He'd only had three speaking lines, and then demonstrated a color changing spell - the same one, in fact, that had changed ... more
        • Not soon enough. Evelyn Stones, Sat Jun 1 16:56
          Evelyn grinned, honored to have a piece of their friendship in Heinrich's pocket as well. It meant so much to her to know that this was real for them both. "You did Wonderfully," she said sincerely.... more
    • Curious (tag Professor Brooding)Émilie Montoir, Mon May 27 00:15
      L'Institut's term had finished a couple of days before Sonora's, freeing Émilie up to attend Dorian's concert. And, she supposrd, Matthieu, though he seemed to have come up with some kind of excuse... more
      • ExcitedProfessor Mary Brooding, Mon May 27 13:04
        The bathroom was the perfect place to breathe, which was a bit unfortunate considering the things that sometimes lingered in the air there. Still, at least a closed door and some privacy meant that... more
        • Me too!Émilie Montoir, Mon May 27 19:35
          "It is also nice to meet you. I get told so many things of you," Émilie grinned, "I assume you say I look like Dorian," she commented. Context, and the fact that Professor Brooding had never met... more
          • That's a relief! Professor Mary Brooding, Mon May 27 21:48
            Mary smiled, honored that Dorian would talk about her at home. She suspected he must've talked about her at least a little bit, and of course with everything that had gone on over the winter break,... more
            • How about this?Émilie, Tue May 28 00:06
              "Also, look half Chinese but have French accents," she added, with a laugh, "It makes guessing not so difficult. But yes, people also tell us often we have the same face. "Ah, I think he teach... more
              • Less comfortable, but not bad.Professor Mary Brooding, Tue May 28 00:20
                "Also that," Mary agreed, laughing lightly. "My brother and I looked very much alike, too," she added, thinking of Parker with a fond smile. It was easier not to be sad about such things when smiling ... more
                • Are you sure?Émilie, Tue May 28 00:56
                  There had been nothing. Not a flicker. Either Professor Brooding was a much more expert liar than Dorian or there really was nothing to know. Émilie supposed she would just have to go to the source... more
                  • As sure as you are.Professor Mary Brooding, Tue May 28 01:10
                    When Émilie didn't push too hard, Mary realized that she had no way of knowing anything one way or the other. It was not, of course, her business, but she wanted to be helpful and supportive. Either... more
                    • I know what I thinkÉmilie, Tue May 28 04:29
                      "I said I do believe him," sighed Émilie with a small huff of impatience, wondering why Professor Brooding was choosing to question that. "Est-ce que je ne l'ai pas dit clairement?" she muttered,... more
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