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Thu Jul 4, 2019 05:23

  • Opening FeastHeadmaster Brockert, Fri Jun 28 15:31
    Another year was upon them and this year, his granddaughter Sapphire would be starting her first year at Sonora. Mortimer had to admit that the novelty of grandchildren starting school was starting... more
    • Staff Table Threads Admin, Thu Jul 4 05:25
      • IntrospectionNathan Xavier, Wed Jul 10 06:22
        Nathan was not eating much at the feast. He had not done the Orientation again. His mom had the baby - well, the toddler; Theodora had passed her first birthday and her first step, so he couldn’t... more
      • I...I think I'm still alive.Professor Wright, Fri Jul 5 17:09
        Excesses of sunlight and exercise had never precisely been Gray's favorite things, but he had thought that those were the worst things he had to fear from the school tour. He had been mistaken.... more
        • Either that or a cunning imitation of it.Professor Sophie O'Malley, Sat Jul 13 10:59
          So she was back. Sophie had left Sonora a few years prior after a decent sting teaching Potions. It was a place she knew well, even before then. It had been kind of a dream teaching at her alma... more
          • I am a master of illusion.Gray Wright, Fri Jul 19 09:51
            "My juice is indeed dedicated to justice," said Gray seriously, enjoying the play on words even though he knew it was a bit silly. He sometimes wished he knew other languages just for the sake of... more
    • Aladren Table Threads Admin, Thu Jul 4 05:25
      • Huh?Gary Harper, Sun Jul 21 20:35
        Year five. He sighed as he sat at the table, wondering what exactly he was making of his life. Arguably he was only fifteen, and this wasn't the usual time to be having such thoughts, yet there they... more
      • Blue: FinaleFlorence Newell, Sat Jul 13 11:08
        So here she was. Florence had gotten all the way to her seventh year. This was it. She would need to make some very important decisions in the next few months, start looking into colleges and all... more
        • Next year it will be new: beginnings.Amelia Layne, Fri Jul 19 11:07
          If she was to be honest, Amelia couldn't say she had been exactly shocked to hear that her brother had quit his job (a perfectly respectable entry-level job which Granddad had gone out of his way to... more
      • The blues are the good people, right?Ellie Alperton, Thu Jul 4 06:20
        Ellie was feeling buoyed by orientation. Freddie had been super nice to her. She suspected he was one of those people who just had a gift of making others feel at ease, and it was nice to know there... more
        • I wouldn't knowIsabella Harrington, Thu Jul 4 06:20
          Isabella’s first year at Sonora had passed without too much excitement and nothing of particular interest to note. She had done well in her classes, studied hard, completed her homework, kept up with ... more
          • Oh. Well, here's hopingEllie, Thu Jul 4 06:21
            "Um, right," Ellie nodded when the girl told her she ought to eat. She supposed she should, and she appreciated that someone was bothering to look out for her even though she hadn't been sorted into... more
            • Bella eyed the girl next to her for a few moments more, not entirely sure what else to say. It had perhaps been a little bit rude - and had certainly made things a touch awkward - to offer... more
              • *is Ellie, firmly, at everyone*Ellie, Fri Jul 5 21:15
                "Yeah, it is," Ellie agreed with a shy smile when the girl mentioned how good the chicken was. That was definitely small talk, and thus the girl was at least interested in having some kind of... more
    • Teppenpaw Table ThreadsAdmin, Thu Jul 4 05:24
      • So, you're saying I belong here?Dorian Montoir, Fri Jul 5 22:40
        Dorian took a seat in the Cascade Hall, nodding cheerfully to any friends whose eyes he caught on the way in. Having cleared his conscience with Professor Brooding, he felt much better. It had never... more
        • I'd say so, yeah.Eden Manger, Sat Jul 13 11:37
          It was getting better, Eden supposed. She had been distant with her family for a while, but at the end of the day, she missed them. She missed Desiree, the big sister she’d known her whole life, her... more
      • Summer was fun but so is this [Tag JD]Zara Jackson, Thu Jul 4 09:34
        Zara’s summer had been the actual best ever! She had gone to visit Felipe in Mexico which had been a totally awesome adventure. She had felt very grown up getting to travel abroad by herself, even if ... more
        • Oh, definitely!JD, Tue Jul 9 00:16
          JD had been pretty exuberant about coming to Sonora last summer. He'd wanted to learn about magic and be a wizard. It had all sounded so cool! But then Christmas rolled around and he went home and he ... more
          • Hurrah!Zara, Tue Jul 9 07:03
            Zara smiled, easily taking JD's comments at face value. She was a generally happy person and between that and exposure to Felipe and his constant worrying, she tended to assume most people just said... more
            • Hip hip?JD, Fri Jul 12 15:14
              As the only boy in a family full of sisters, JD definitely knew what it was like to feel on the outside of so-called "girly" stuff. He didn't, however, know what it was like to not be interested in... more
              • That's the oneZara, Tue Jul 16 23:43
                "Yeah, I know that problem all too well," Zara commiserated, when JD said he wished his sisters wouldn't go out with certain boys. "My sister's dates tend to be okay, but my cousin James always picks ... more
                • Well, then hip hip and all that jazz!JD, Thu Jul 18 15:45
                  Being the only boy in a family of sisters had always been a bit rough because that meant JD was teased regardless of age -- even his youngest sister, Cathy, who was three years his junior enjoyed... more
                  • Whoo!Zara, Fri Jul 19 08:27
                    "That sounds familiar," Zara smiled, when JD revealed that he had so many siblings, "I'm the middle one of three but we have five cousins who we practically live with, seeing as all our parents run... more
      • Here's to the new year.Katerina Vorontsov, Thu Jul 4 06:32
        The uniforms were not normally an aspect of school which Katerina particularly complained about, but she still felt the need to indulge in a small sigh as she put them on before the Opening Feast... more
        • A new us?Lyssa Fitzgerald, Thu Jul 4 06:32
          Lyssa had had a marvelous summer. Her parents given her a smart phone to play with and ostensibly call them or someone else when she needed a ride. And was she glued to it. It was pretty addicting.... more
          • I think I'm still pretty much the same.Katerina, Wed Jul 10 17:44
            Lyssa jumped straight to the source of Katya's worries. A small line appeared between her blue eyes as her brow creased at the thought of the year before them. "I hope so," she said. "I spend the... more
      • She's not thereKir McLeod, Thu Jul 4 06:15
        At the end of the concert, everyone had been getting on well - all his and Zevalyn’s family members - and it had ended with ‘So we’ll see you for dinner next week?’ not with goodbye. And that was how ... more
        • You seem sad about that.Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Thu Jul 4 06:16
          Johana Leonie had been around enough sick people and enough injured people to recognize the signs. The worst, though, were the signs of having lost someone. Sometimes, she didn't get to meet the... more
          • That's cos I am Kir, Thu Jul 4 06:17
            Of course he wasn't going to get away with anything less than genuine happiness at Teppenpaw table. It was their house trait to notice. That, in itself, made him feel slightly better. He knew... more
            • I'm so sorry to hear that!Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Thu Jul 4 06:17
              Kir seemed to be thinking very hard for all the words he was saying, but Johana Leonie wasn't entirely sure about what. She suspected that part of it was in the course of formulating sentences she... more
              • I will surviveKir, Fri Jul 5 00:03
                "Both," Kir answered, when Johana Leonie asked about Zevalyn's college. "Mostly magical but she can take some non-magical subjects too. She is still deciding what things exactly, but she likes... more
    • Crotalus Table Threads Admin, Thu Jul 4 05:23
      • Me? Really?Peyton O'Malley, Fri Jul 12 17:49
        It was her fifth year at Sonora and Peyton had to admit, she was slightly nervous. For one thing, CATS was later this year and for another, more pressing concern, fifth year meant prefects being... more
        • Really you!Jasmine Delachene, Thu Jul 18 11:27
          Fifth year mostly meant one thing to Jasmine Delachene: it was the year her sister came to Sonora. Sure, there were CATS, and they were a little scary, but she figured she’d pass enough to get... more
      • He’s walking away with *my* badge!Winston Pierce, Wed Jul 10 08:25
        Winston arrived to the Cascade Hall early for his last Opening Feast. This was partly due to hunger, as he had not grabbed a snack since arriving. Having flown in the wagon from New England, he’d... more
        • Quite a feat for someone who doesn't exist.Simon Mordue, Wed Jul 10 18:21
          If you asked Simon (which no-one had, but that was, to his mind, rather beside the point), the system for selecting Head Boy and Head Girl was rather inappropriate. One did not simply entrust the... more
      • NervesSapphire Brockert, Thu Jul 4 20:01
        Sapphire was very very nervous about starting Sonora. What if she didn't make friends? What if she had a roommate she didn't get along with like Topaz did? True, it was hard to imagine that her older ... more
        • Resentment helps with those, I've found.Jessica Hayles, Wed Jul 10 19:44
          Summer had been...strange. That was the only word for it, and yet, Jessica didn't think she could think of a better one, which irritated her. She was a poet. Words were kind of her thing. For now,... more
      • Another year, another load of...Julius Astley, Thu Jul 4 06:25
        Julius was scowling as he walked into Cascade Hall. This was neither new nor particularly surprising as Julius was often seen walking around Sonora with a frown on his face. One could just never be... more
        • ... pretending I care about my housemates!Felipe De Matteo, Thu Jul 4 06:26
          Felipe wasn't sure how he felt about being back to Sonora. Some part of him was relieved not to be at home with all the pressures of becoming a man and all that, but there was a slower pace there... more
      • Feeling shy, as usualNicolas DiCaprio, Thu Jul 4 06:02
        Mikey had given Nico a rundown of what the houses were known for: Pecari was full of adventurers and fun people, Aladrens were great at studying and academics, Crotalus were snobs and mostly... more
        • Confront it with knowledge and a plan!Jezebel Fischer-Reed, Thu Jul 4 06:02
          Jezebel was a Crotalus. That probably meant something or other, but somehow she couldn't remember. She was sure she'd read about it because she'd read about everything, but she couldn't seem to... more
          • Someone spoke to him. Nico felt grateful not to be sitting and eating all alone at a table full of strangers, but now it meant having to talk about... stuff. He was charming in a quiet sort of way,... more
            • That's actually a really good pointJezebel Fischer-Reed, Thu Jul 4 06:04
              While there were undoubtedly books that could speak to the colloquial reputation of Sonoran houses, or houses at other schools if that was a thing, Jezebel had not found any. As such, she knew only... more
              • I make those sometimesNico, Thu Jul 4 06:04
                Nico had never read about magic in a book before. It had always been in his life growing up since both of his parents were magical. That was something he had always taken for granted. Sometimes he... more
                • Oh, that's good! Jezebel Reed-Fischer, Fri Jul 5 21:29
                  Jezebel relaxed tremendously when Nico expressed curiosity instead of distaste. On one hand, she would've preferred not to seem like such an oddity, but it was better than being ridiculed or... more
                  • Thanks!Nico, Mon Jul 8 19:08
                    So she had someone else here at Sonora. That was nice. At least she wasn't alone at this totally new place. Nico couldn't imagine being the first one at a brand new school mostly because Mikey had... more
                    • Anytime! Jezebel Reed-Fischer, Mon Jul 8 23:08
                      Jezebel wrinkled her nose, wondering what exactly Dathan had thought when he'd gotten his letter. "He must've been," she decided. "Neither of us knew magic was real, so I'm sure he was, but I don't... more
    • Pecari Table Threads Admin, Thu Jul 4 05:23
      • Hi! I’m Anya!Anya Delachene, Fri Jul 5 10:57
        Anya had had an older sister in last year’s concert, so she’d already had a tour of the school, but the refresher was refreshing, and Glasses Guy took a slightly differ route than Old Lady had, so... more
        • And I am not!Salali Bly, Sat Jul 13 11:18
          Six school years had come and gone, and now Salali was a big bad seventh year. She could hardly believe it. The whole Magick thing still felt so new and strange, and maybe even a little... more
      • So you're saying I belong here?Parker Fitzgerald, Thu Jul 4 06:29
        Parker felt comfortable walking into the Hall. The waterfalls had always had an oddly calming effect on him, but being back at school this year seemed to increase his comfort. It was like coming home ... more
        • Yes indeedyIsaac Song, Thu Jul 4 06:30
          Isaac couldn't believe this was going to be his last year at Sonora. Summer had been super fun since his mom had let him stay home this year instead of going on their yearly family trip to South... more
          • That's Idaho where potatoes growParker Fitzgerald, Tue Jul 9 07:57
            Parker looked over to Isaac and smiled. It had been nice seeing him at Cleo’s birthday party. Isaac had been a break from the fathers odd glances. Glances that made Parker feel like he’d done... more
      • Ura!Tatiana Vorontsova, Thu Jul 4 06:24
        By the time she entered the Cascade Hall for the Opening Feast, Tatiana felt much better than she had when she had first arrived back at school. She had flown like a madwoman, risking her neck more... more
        • TriumphantNatalie Atwater, Thu Jul 4 15:41
          It was Natalie's last year at Sonora and she was...not eager for it to be over. As sick as she was of homework and boring lectures, she was not looking forward to boring parties and pressure to marry ... more
          • Lost in translation.Tatiana, Wed Jul 10 17:56
            Tatiana strongly suspected that her neighbor had no idea what had been said to her, which, if she was to be honest, was sort of funny. She didn't go around deliberately saying things in Russian just... more
      • So I guess this is happening. [Tag Malikhi]Evelyn Stones, Thu Jul 4 06:09
        Evelyn hadn't quite been able to avoid everyone upon her arrival back at Sonora, but she'd tried. Now, she sort of regretted that. She would've loved to just melt into one of Ness' big hugs, or see... more
        • Malikhi was happy to be back at Sonora, though you wouldn’t have been able to tell from the dark circles around his eyes and his lips pressed into a thin line. Malikhi looked the same, yet different. ... more
          • Usually, I don'tEvelyn Stones, Thu Jul 4 06:11
            Evelyn hated the way she hesitated to accept her friend's hug, and she only managed a smile until she had her head on his shoulder and out of his sight. "I missed you, too," she murmured, pulling... more
            • Yeah, me neither. Lately, it all just sucksMalikhi Hill, Thu Jul 4 06:12
              Evelyn’s hug felt nice as Evelyn’s hugs always did and Malikhi felt better afterwards. He simply nodded in reply to her comment about her summer. He knew about her mother leaving. He didn’t know the... more
              • True that!Evelyn Stones, Thu Jul 4 06:13
                Evelyn blinked, surprised by the outpouring of expression from her friend. He'd hardly said as many words in a single conversation and now he was just going to talk as if everything was perfectly... more
      • The food is always the best partMikey DiCaprio, Thu Jul 4 06:07
        By now, going back and forth from Sonora to Denver was routine. Mikey liked having time to spend with his family, but then coming back here to work hard and hang out with friends. It was different... more
        • Und Englisch ist das SchlimmsteHilda Hexenmeister, Thu Jul 4 06:08
          Hilda arrived at Sonora for her second year a bit more resigned to her fate than she had been the year before. She had returned to Germany over the summer to visit Johana Leonie, and while it had... more
          • Sure, English, yesMikey DiCaprio, Mon Jul 8 19:21
            Mikey only knew this housemate because she was foreign. There weren't very many students at Sonora, and those who were from a different country definitely stood out. He thought it was really... more
            • Ja, Englisch. Ist nicht gut.Hilda, Mon Jul 8 20:37
              "Quidditch!" Hilda repeated enthusiastically when her companion brought up the familiar word. Other than 'brother' she wasn't entirely sure what else he said there. She guessed he'd said he had spent ... more
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