Nicolas DiCaprio
Feeling shy, as usual
Thu Jul 4, 2019 06:02

Mikey had given Nico a rundown of what the houses were known for: Pecari was full of adventurers and fun people, Aladrens were great at studying and academics, Crotalus were snobs and mostly purebloods, and Teppenpaws were nice and fun. Mikey was most definitely biased, but Nico kept those descriptions in mind as he went to get sorted himself. If he measured himself up to all of those traits, he could see himself as getting sorted into Aladren or Teppenpaw. He also liked blue, so he wouldn't mind having that as his house color.

While others were getting sorted, Nico was nervous about standing in front of everyone. He fiddled with his blank badge while he waited for his name to be called. When it was his turn, Nico dunked the badge into the Sorting Potion as instructed, and he was surprised to see it turn red. Really surprised.

Nico scanned the Pecari table for his brother quickly before making his way to the Crotalus table. He didn't spot Mikey, but he was sure his brother would be shocked too. Nico was definitely not the snobby type, and he was definitely not a pureblood. He didn't know what had brought him to this house of all places, but it seemed like he would be stuck here for the next seven years. It's not like he really wanted a certain house, but he was a little disappointed that he was sorted with the snobby house, according to his brother.

The Head Students and Prefect badges were handed out, but Nico had no idea who anybody was. He was quietly observing his classmates, wondering if they were all purebloods and if he would get judged by others for being a half-blood and going to a muggle elementary school. He really hoped there weren't bullies.

Back at his school in Denver, Nico had had a good group of friends, mostly other boys and girls who thought he was fun to play sports or skateboard with. Nico had never been bullied for being shy or quiet or for being an Italian-American, but maybe things would be different here. He wasn't afraid to stand up for himself if needed, but he'd also never had to. Even though Mikey was in a different house, at least he was here to help him if needed. Nico tried to spot his brother's head of brown hair at the Pecari table, but he was unsuccessful. Oh well.

He did his best to keep up singing the school song when the lyric sheets came around, and Nico glanced around to see what other people were doing after the song ended. There was a huge spread with too many options, so Nico went after what looked familiar. He chose a chicken pot pie and broke the top crust. It was hard to think of what to say to his new housemates when there was so much going on around him, so he kept his eyes down on his food and focused on scooping up the delicious mixture inside into his mouth. He glanced up every so often to gaze around Cascade Hall too. He'd never been inside a place so beautiful and magical like this. It made him wonder what the other rooms looked like in this place and if his common room would be just as magical as this.

  • Crotalus Table Threads Admin, Thu Jul 4 05:23
    • Me? Really?Peyton O'Malley, Fri Jul 12 17:49
      It was her fifth year at Sonora and Peyton had to admit, she was slightly nervous. For one thing, CATS was later this year and for another, more pressing concern, fifth year meant prefects being... more
      • Really you!Jasmine Delachene, Thu Jul 18 11:27
        Fifth year mostly meant one thing to Jasmine Delachene: it was the year her sister came to Sonora. Sure, there were CATS, and they were a little scary, but she figured shed pass enough to get... more
    • Hes walking away with *my* badge!Winston Pierce, Wed Jul 10 08:25
      Winston arrived to the Cascade Hall early for his last Opening Feast. This was partly due to hunger, as he had not grabbed a snack since arriving. Having flown in the wagon from New England, hed... more
      • Quite a feat for someone who doesn't exist.Simon Mordue, Wed Jul 10 18:21
        If you asked Simon (which no-one had, but that was, to his mind, rather beside the point), the system for selecting Head Boy and Head Girl was rather inappropriate. One did not simply entrust the... more
    • NervesSapphire Brockert, Thu Jul 4 20:01
      Sapphire was very very nervous about starting Sonora. What if she didn't make friends? What if she had a roommate she didn't get along with like Topaz did? True, it was hard to imagine that her older ... more
      • Resentment helps with those, I've found.Jessica Hayles, Wed Jul 10 19:44
        Summer had been...strange. That was the only word for it, and yet, Jessica didn't think she could think of a better one, which irritated her. She was a poet. Words were kind of her thing. For now,... more
    • Another year, another load of...Julius Astley, Thu Jul 4 06:25
      Julius was scowling as he walked into Cascade Hall. This was neither new nor particularly surprising as Julius was often seen walking around Sonora with a frown on his face. One could just never be... more
      • ... pretending I care about my housemates!Felipe De Matteo, Thu Jul 4 06:26
        Felipe wasn't sure how he felt about being back to Sonora. Some part of him was relieved not to be at home with all the pressures of becoming a man and all that, but there was a slower pace there... more
    • Feeling shy, as usual — Nicolas DiCaprio, Thu Jul 4 06:02
      • Confront it with knowledge and a plan!Jezebel Fischer-Reed, Thu Jul 4 06:02
        Jezebel was a Crotalus. That probably meant something or other, but somehow she couldn't remember. She was sure she'd read about it because she'd read about everything, but she couldn't seem to... more
        • Someone spoke to him. Nico felt grateful not to be sitting and eating all alone at a table full of strangers, but now it meant having to talk about... stuff. He was charming in a quiet sort of way,... more
          • That's actually a really good pointJezebel Fischer-Reed, Thu Jul 4 06:04
            While there were undoubtedly books that could speak to the colloquial reputation of Sonoran houses, or houses at other schools if that was a thing, Jezebel had not found any. As such, she knew only... more
            • I make those sometimesNico, Thu Jul 4 06:04
              Nico had never read about magic in a book before. It had always been in his life growing up since both of his parents were magical. That was something he had always taken for granted. Sometimes he... more
              • Oh, that's good! Jezebel Reed-Fischer, Fri Jul 5 21:29
                Jezebel relaxed tremendously when Nico expressed curiosity instead of distaste. On one hand, she would've preferred not to seem like such an oddity, but it was better than being ridiculed or... more
                • Thanks!Nico, Mon Jul 8 19:08
                  So she had someone else here at Sonora. That was nice. At least she wasn't alone at this totally new place. Nico couldn't imagine being the first one at a brand new school mostly because Mikey had... more
                  • Anytime! Jezebel Reed-Fischer, Mon Jul 8 23:08
                    Jezebel wrinkled her nose, wondering what exactly Dathan had thought when he'd gotten his letter. "He must've been," she decided. "Neither of us knew magic was real, so I'm sure he was, but I don't... more
                    • Re: Anytime! Nico, Tue Jul 9 16:05
                      Nico could guess that this girl wasn't too close with her cousin just from her reaction. He nodded, not sure how to respond. His own cousins were either older than him and not interested in hanging... more
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