Jezebel Fischer-Reed
Confront it with knowledge and a plan!
Thu Jul 4, 2019 06:02

Jezebel was a Crotalus. That probably meant something or other, but somehow she couldn't remember. She was sure she'd read about it because she'd read about everything, but she couldn't seem to recall and now she only had the faces of her classmates to gauge by. She took advantage of the fact that she wasn't the only new student in this House though, and took a seat beside a quiet boy who had searched another table before sitting himself.

The song was done before Jezebel could decide whether she wanted to sing, and there was food before she could decide whether she was hungry. Sense told her that she'd regret it later if she didn't eat now so she followed the boy's lead and took the first thing that looked decent: mashed potatoes and beef stew.

She tugged her black hair out of the way by putting it up in a loose ponytail with a tie from her wrist, and then turned to look at her classmate. There weren't very many black students at this school, although she'd noticed a few other students of color, and she hoped this wasn't going to be a problem. Still, it wouldn't do to be on the defensive just yet.

"I'm Jezebel," she announced to him. "Guess we're housemates?"

  • Feeling shy, as usualNicolas DiCaprio, Thu Jul 4 06:02
    Mikey had given Nico a rundown of what the houses were known for: Pecari was full of adventurers and fun people, Aladrens were great at studying and academics, Crotalus were snobs and mostly... more
    • Confront it with knowledge and a plan! — Jezebel Fischer-Reed, Thu Jul 4 06:02
      • Someone spoke to him. Nico felt grateful not to be sitting and eating all alone at a table full of strangers, but now it meant having to talk about... stuff. He was charming in a quiet sort of way,... more
        • That's actually a really good pointJezebel Fischer-Reed, Thu Jul 4 06:04
          While there were undoubtedly books that could speak to the colloquial reputation of Sonoran houses, or houses at other schools if that was a thing, Jezebel had not found any. As such, she knew only... more
          • I make those sometimesNico, Thu Jul 4 06:04
            Nico had never read about magic in a book before. It had always been in his life growing up since both of his parents were magical. That was something he had always taken for granted. Sometimes he... more
            • Oh, that's good! Jezebel Reed-Fischer, Fri Jul 5 21:29
              Jezebel relaxed tremendously when Nico expressed curiosity instead of distaste. On one hand, she would've preferred not to seem like such an oddity, but it was better than being ridiculed or... more
              • Thanks!Nico, Mon Jul 8 19:08
                So she had someone else here at Sonora. That was nice. At least she wasn't alone at this totally new place. Nico couldn't imagine being the first one at a brand new school mostly because Mikey had... more
                • Anytime! Jezebel Reed-Fischer, Mon Jul 8 23:08
                  Jezebel wrinkled her nose, wondering what exactly Dathan had thought when he'd gotten his letter. "He must've been," she decided. "Neither of us knew magic was real, so I'm sure he was, but I don't... more
                  • Re: Anytime! Nico, Tue Jul 9 16:05
                    Nico could guess that this girl wasn't too close with her cousin just from her reaction. He nodded, not sure how to respond. His own cousins were either older than him and not interested in hanging... more
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