I make those sometimes
Thu Jul 4, 2019 06:04

Nico had never read about magic in a book before. It had always been in his life growing up since both of his parents were magical. That was something he had always taken for granted. Sometimes he wondered how kids at school or his grandpa and uncle lived without magic. It was just so convenient. He couldn’t imagine cleaning toilets or washing dishes by hand, unless Mom was trying to teach them a lesson or something.

He was really curious as to how she felt when she found out she was magical. Nico and his brother had expected it, but he didn’t know what it would be like not knowing magic at all.

“What was it like finding out you were magical?” he asked, brown eyes bright with curiosity. “Was your family shocked? Are you the only one in your family who’s magical? My mom’s family isn’t magical either. She’s the only one, but me and my brother grew up with magic. He’s in Pecari. He told me a little about the different houses, but he definitely thinks Pecari is the best.”

Nico didn’t think people who came from non-magical families were any less good at magic, but there was a lot more for them to catch up on, probably. Going to boarding school was overwhelming for him because there was so much to get used to and he was away from his parents for the first time, but at least he had his brother here.

  • That's actually a really good pointJezebel Fischer-Reed, Thu Jul 4 06:04
    While there were undoubtedly books that could speak to the colloquial reputation of Sonoran houses, or houses at other schools if that was a thing, Jezebel had not found any. As such, she knew only... more
    • I make those sometimes — Nico, Thu Jul 4 06:04
      • Oh, that's good! Jezebel Reed-Fischer, Fri Jul 5 21:29
        Jezebel relaxed tremendously when Nico expressed curiosity instead of distaste. On one hand, she would've preferred not to seem like such an oddity, but it was better than being ridiculed or... more
        • Thanks!Nico, Mon Jul 8 19:08
          So she had someone else here at Sonora. That was nice. At least she wasn't alone at this totally new place. Nico couldn't imagine being the first one at a brand new school mostly because Mikey had... more
          • Anytime! Jezebel Reed-Fischer, Mon Jul 8 23:08
            Jezebel wrinkled her nose, wondering what exactly Dathan had thought when he'd gotten his letter. "He must've been," she decided. "Neither of us knew magic was real, so I'm sure he was, but I don't... more
            • Re: Anytime! Nico, Tue Jul 9 16:05
              Nico could guess that this girl wasn't too close with her cousin just from her reaction. He nodded, not sure how to respond. His own cousins were either older than him and not interested in hanging... more
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