Malikhi Hill
Yeah, me neither. Lately, it all just sucks
Thu Jul 4, 2019 06:12

Evelynís hug felt nice as Evelynís hugs always did and Malikhi felt better afterwards. He simply nodded in reply to her comment about her summer. He knew about her mother leaving. He didnít know the details for Evelyn had made a simple comment about it in one of her letters and he hadnít pushed her for them - another new thing he was learning to do was letting people share what they wanted, when they wanted. He knew that he hadnít wanted to particularly share anything about the car crash or his feelings until he was ready (and even now, he wasnít exactly comfortable discussing the subject) so it would be hypocritical of him to push anyone else into talking about things that they might not want to talk about.

ďIt was alright,Ē he shrugged, not really sure what else to say. ďI didnít go anywhere or do anything. I was hoping to go back to England for a couple of weeks but Mum didnít want to... Guess I canít really fault her. Too many memories of Dad at home, I suppose. Not sure whatís going to happen there. I overheard her talking with my Aunt about selling the house.Ē

He said Ďoverheardí to make it sound like such a thing had been an accident but he had taken to frequently eavesdropping round corners and through doors when it came to conversations between his Mum and his Aunt. His mother wasnít particularly sharing anything with him and Malikhi had to get his information somehow.

Malikhi helped himself to a bowl of mashed potato and gravy - something that seemed to have become his comfort food - and poured himself some juice before offering to fill Evelynís cup.

ďLetís hope this yearís better than the last one...Ē he muttered before taking a swig of juice.

  • Usually, I don'tEvelyn Stones, Thu Jul 4 06:11
    Evelyn hated the way she hesitated to accept her friend's hug, and she only managed a smile until she had her head on his shoulder and out of his sight. "I missed you, too," she murmured, pulling... more
    • Yeah, me neither. Lately, it all just sucks — Malikhi Hill, Thu Jul 4 06:12
      • True that!Evelyn Stones, Thu Jul 4 06:13
        Evelyn blinked, surprised by the outpouring of expression from her friend. He'd hardly said as many words in a single conversation and now he was just going to talk as if everything was perfectly... more
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