That's cos I am
Thu Jul 4, 2019 06:17

Of course he wasn't going to get away with anything less than genuine happiness at Teppenpaw table. It was their house trait to notice. That, in itself, made him feel slightly better. He knew Johana-Leonie from the concert, having had the responsibility of catching her when she threw herself off a moderately high platform. It was definitely a connection, and one neither of them was likely to forget in a hurry, but he wouldn't say they were close. Still, the girl opposite him, who didn't really know him, had both noticed his sadness and cared enough to do something about it. His smile softened a little.

"Thanks," he smiled, when she offered her version of congratulations, and his fingers touched the badge slightly, both in acknowledgement that that was what they were talking about and because it felt nice to do so.

"I am happy about the badge," he promised, one finger tapping it slightly, "But I am sad because my girlfriend graduated." Well, he wasn't sad that she had graduated, because that meant she had passed all her exams, and obviously any scenario that resulted in her still being here would be bad. However, he managed to keep all this inside his head because he remembered that it was Johana-Leonie he was talking to and she might not cope with that. He wondered if she understood 'graduated.' "Zevalyn," he clarified, nodding at the Aladren table, "She was head girl last year," he added, as he didn't suppose she would necessarily know Zevalyn's name. "Now she is at college. Which is good," he added, with a proud smile, "But I miss her." Already. And it had been less than twelve hours, and there were so many more to go. He considered the other part of her question. Whether she could help. His imnediate and facetious thought was that he doubted she was that good at switching spells or any other form of magic that would bring Zevalyn here, but he wasn't sure it was fair to attempt sardonic humour on a non-native speaker, and one who was trying to be kind too. And again, he didn't really want to make Zevalyn appear here. She was somewhere else now, somewhere that was making her happy (he hoped) and smarter and she was going to write him long letters full of clever things which made her even more amazing. He supposed he could wish to be there, but the badge on his chest said that he was supposed to be here right now...

"Tell me about your summer?" he suggested. Putting the problem into simple words had helped, as had simply expressing it out loud. As did concluding that, even with a magic wish, he might not be able to think what to do. He could wish that this year went quickly, rathar than skipping out on it all together, and the best way to do that was probably to be distracted rather than in his own head. "And help me choose good things to eat. This will help."

  • You seem sad about that.Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Thu Jul 4 06:16
    Johana Leonie had been around enough sick people and enough injured people to recognize the signs. The worst, though, were the signs of having lost someone. Sometimes, she didn't get to meet the... more
    • That's cos I am — Kir, Thu Jul 4 06:17
      • I'm so sorry to hear that!Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Thu Jul 4 06:17
        Kir seemed to be thinking very hard for all the words he was saying, but Johana Leonie wasn't entirely sure about what. She suspected that part of it was in the course of formulating sentences she... more
        • I will surviveKir, Fri Jul 5 00:03
          "Both," Kir answered, when Johana Leonie asked about Zevalyn's college. "Mostly magical but she can take some non-magical subjects too. She is still deciding what things exactly, but she likes... more
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