Johana Leonie Zauberhexen
I'm so sorry to hear that!
Thu Jul 4, 2019 06:17

Kir seemed to be thinking very hard for all the words he was saying, but Johana Leonie wasn't entirely sure about what. She suspected that part of it was in the course of formulating sentences she could grasp, a habit she'd noticed among her classmates and one that she simultaneously appreciated and found frustrating. She couldn't resent them for it because she did need the help; more, she resented herself for not knowing any better and not being able to engage with her classmates more fully.

"Magic college?" Johana Leonie asked, never having really considered pursuing education after Sonora. She had heard of it though, because some of their patients asked whether her parents had to go to college or university to learn how to do medicine. Usually, her parents just laughed and said something about ancient traditions and things. "What does she?"

The thought of missing someone was more familiar to Johana Leonie. She'd missed Friederike Albert the year previously and now she missed her parents again. It was a little better with Friederike Albert nearby, but not much.

Tell me about your summer. In theory, it was an easy enough request. Johana Leonie simply needed to open her mouth and . . . tell a story. That was the hardest thing in English because all the words had to go together right. She was plenty good at it in German, and tried her best to work from there first.

"I practiced English for the summer," she began, grimacing to show how well she thought it'd gone. "I helped my brother become ready. He is in Teppenpaw also." She said the last rather proudly and then smooshed her smile a bit, since the boy seemed sad. "And I like to eat potatoes," she finished, pointing at her plate and grinning.

  • That's cos I am Kir, Thu Jul 4 06:17
    Of course he wasn't going to get away with anything less than genuine happiness at Teppenpaw table. It was their house trait to notice. That, in itself, made him feel slightly better. He knew... more
    • I'm so sorry to hear that! — Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Thu Jul 4 06:17
      • I will surviveKir, Fri Jul 5 00:03
        "Both," Kir answered, when Johana Leonie asked about Zevalyn's college. "Mostly magical but she can take some non-magical subjects too. She is still deciding what things exactly, but she likes... more
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