Professor Wright
I...I think I'm still alive.
Fri Jul 5, 2019 17:09

Excesses of sunlight and exercise had never precisely been Gray's favorite things, but he had thought that those were the worst things he had to fear from the school tour.

He had been mistaken.

Jasmine Delachene reminded him rather forcefully of what he remembered about her mother, with whom he had overlapped in school a bit, but she was basically all right. Not a very good student, of course, and then there was her attempts (and sometimes successes) in rivaling Tatiana Vorontsova in the competition for Most Flamboyantly Accessorized, but she stayed in her seat and didn't usually talk much when he was trying to teach the class something, which was really as much as one could ask of fifteen-year-olds who were slightly divorced from reality and rich on top of that. When he had spotted the name Delachene again on some lists, he had assumed that he should expect most of the same plus points and drawbacks from Anastasia which he had previously observed in Jasmine.

He had been very, very mistaken.

Anastasia stood out from a crowd every bit as much as her sister did on a day when the mood struck her, all right, but in a completely different way. By the time they had gotten out of the gardens, he had been slightly concerned about turning his back on her long enough to walk in front of the group of first years, afraid of what she might do to the portraits, or the curtains, or the talking tree which guarded the headmaster's office, or...anything, really. He had remembered abruptly, after all, that he had seen Tarquin dealing with some family which had let a kid climb the windows in the Cascade Hall at the Concert last year, and had at the time been grateful that he'd been on the other side of the room and therefore exempt from dealing with the situation. He was pretty sure he could now make far more educated guesses about the situation than he had been able to at the time....

Gray was not, he thought, the strictest of the strict. In fact, he rather suspected he was closer to being a pushover than anything. However, there was a difference between being indifferent to the rules that didn't much matter and at least prepared to hear students out (or, as the case was sometimes, to go temporarily hard of hearing when it served no purpose to have heard what he definitely, due to aforementioned temporary hearing loss, had not heard) and being indifferent to whether or not a student cracked her head open before she was even Sorted. Once they were Sorted, the Aladrens were his problem. Until they were Sorted, they were, since he was the staff member doing orientation this year, his problem, and he really preferred that any contact he was ever forced to have with a parent not involve someone's head being cracked open, or even an expensive work of art seriously damaged or destroyed....

Now, he supposed, he just had to hope she didn't go into Aladren. Stereotypes said she was a lock for Pecari, but he didn't trust those much. For one thing, there were plenty of reckless fools who had worn the blue over the years. For another, he had not yet forgotten the anomalous Teppenpaws who had been around when he had returned to the school, items he had thought Daniel Nash was joking about when he was first told of their existence.

Happily (for him, anyway - though now he felt bad for hoping, because it was a flaw in him, this relief when things were other people's problems, especially the problem, for the moment, of Sophie O'Malley, who was only here as a substitute while Isis was on leave), stereotypes came into play there. The rest of the opening went according to plan, Gray merely moving his mouth rather than attempting to actually sing during the school song, and then food appeared.

"Here's to another one," he said to the nearest colleague, raising his glass of juice slightly in a vague imitation of a toast.

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