Jezebel Reed-Fischer
Oh, that's good!
Fri Jul 5, 2019 21:29

Jezebel relaxed tremendously when Nico expressed curiosity instead of distaste. On one hand, she would've preferred not to seem like such an oddity, but it was better than being ridiculed or something. Besides, Nico wasn't all magical all the way back either, and that was pretty cool. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad.

The problem was that she and her cousin hadn't really been very close before this. Their families hadn't been close, although there wasn't really any tension there either. It was going to be one heck of an adjustment making her way through school at Sonora, and she hadn't even seen anything like art or math on her schedule. Did that mean she was expected to do those things on top of her other classes? It all seemed like just too much.

"I thought it was a joke," Jezebel admitted with a shy smile. "I didn't believe in magic at all. My family was really shocked, but my cousin is magical too." Her throat clenched a little bit at the thought, because that just made everything was so much more real. "He's in Teppenpaw. Why does your brother think Pecari is the best?"

She hoped Nico's brother was wrong. She hoped every House was good, of course, but especially Teppenpaw and Crotalus. She was determined to do a good job either way, but she thought it would be especially challenging if people were awful to her. She'd dealt with enough bullying at home and didn't need that now.

  • I make those sometimesNico, Thu Jul 4 06:04
    Nico had never read about magic in a book before. It had always been in his life growing up since both of his parents were magical. That was something he had always taken for granted. Sometimes he... more
    • Oh, that's good! — Jezebel Reed-Fischer, Fri Jul 5 21:29
      • Thanks!Nico, Mon Jul 8 19:08
        So she had someone else here at Sonora. That was nice. At least she wasn't alone at this totally new place. Nico couldn't imagine being the first one at a brand new school mostly because Mikey had... more
        • Anytime! Jezebel Reed-Fischer, Mon Jul 8 23:08
          Jezebel wrinkled her nose, wondering what exactly Dathan had thought when he'd gotten his letter. "He must've been," she decided. "Neither of us knew magic was real, so I'm sure he was, but I don't... more
          • Re: Anytime! Nico, Tue Jul 9 16:05
            Nico could guess that this girl wasn't too close with her cousin just from her reaction. He nodded, not sure how to respond. His own cousins were either older than him and not interested in hanging... more
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