I think I'm still pretty much the same.
Wed Jul 10, 2019 17:44

Lyssa jumped straight to the source of Katya's worries. A small line appeared between her blue eyes as her brow creased at the thought of the year before them.

"I hope so," she said. "I spend the summer in much work. I know it will be hard this year."

Sometimes, she thought, there were advantages to always having to choose between speaking rapidly and speaking smoothly. It allowed her to hide behind ambiguity or simplification when she did not really want to get into a topic, like her doubts and insecurities. She wondered if it was also so for Tatiana.

Probably not.

"Your brother does well," she added, nodding in Parker's direction. "My sister always says well about him. He will be good prefect. It must be hard, to be prefect when he has exams this year." Anton Petrovich had talked a lot about the exams Tatiana had to take this year, exams which required her to write both at length and in English. Her tutoring had focused heavily on that aspect of things, leaving Katya to work at her own lessons in steadily building terror at what lay before her in two years. "But I am sure he will do well. What do you do this summer?"

Her tenses were wrong there. She had not spoken slowly enough - but she did write a bit more fluently than she spoke, she thought. Could she write fast enough to both write the exam responses and write them correctly in English? How much would her English count against her if she made mistakes like that? Pointless, really, to think about it now, since she would know perfectly well this summer (there was no chance that Tatiana would write in perfect English, so studying her results would be far more productive than sitting here fretting), but it ate away at her anyway.

  • A new us?Lyssa Fitzgerald, Thu Jul 4 06:32
    Lyssa had had a marvelous summer. Her parents given her a smart phone to play with and ostensibly call them or someone else when she needed a ride. And was she glued to it. It was pretty addicting.... more
    • I think I'm still pretty much the same. — Katerina, Wed Jul 10 17:44
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