Simon Mordue
Quite a feat for someone who doesn't exist.
Wed Jul 10, 2019 18:21

If you asked Simon (which no-one had, but that was, to his mind, rather beside the point), the system for selecting Head Boy and Head Girl was rather inappropriate. One did not simply entrust the keys to the doors to power into the hands of the masses. One had to give them the illusion they mattered, of course, otherwise goblins agitated the hoi polloi and said hoi polloi tried to riot against their betters and whatnot, but there always had to be higher authorities to keep them in line.

In theory, the staff was supposed to provide that guidance. In practice, Simon thought (though again no-one had asked him, which was again beside the point) they did an inconsistent job of doing that at best. The Head Boy and Girl ballot, for instance. They had put Kir McLeod on it. What madness had possessed them to allow that? The Headmaster was from a respectable enough family, for goodness sakes, or at least a large and rich one. He should not have allowed it, but there were a lot of youngish professors of no recognizable name, and now here they were, in a position where he and Winston, the most appropriate candidates in their year, were in their seats while Kir McLeod was in worrisome proximity to a proper lady and getting a badge.

"It certainly wasn't me," he replied sourly to Winston's indignant question as the food appeared.

He was also, however, not so high-minded as to ignore said food, and so he ignored the systemic problems with all these no-names getting into positions of authority long enough to put food on his plate. From the looks and smells of it, the food, at least, had not suffered in quality due to declining management, so there was that at least. Once he had an adequate quantity of tasty-looking things in front of him, though, he returned to the more important subject. "I can't believe he was even an option. Do you think Brockert's beginning to go a bit...." He touched his temple as discreetly as possible to indicate what he meant by that. "It's like there are no standards for anything anywhere anymore," he grumbled.

  • Hes walking away with *my* badge!Winston Pierce, Wed Jul 10 08:25
    Winston arrived to the Cascade Hall early for his last Opening Feast. This was partly due to hunger, as he had not grabbed a snack since arriving. Having flown in the wagon from New England, hed... more
    • Quite a feat for someone who doesn't exist. — Simon Mordue, Wed Jul 10 18:21
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