Peyton O'Malley
Me? Really?
Fri Jul 12, 2019 17:49

It was her fifth year at Sonora and Peyton had to admit, she was slightly nervous. For one thing, CATS was later this year and for another, more pressing concern, fifth year meant prefects being picked.

She didn't believe she had a chance. When people as well suited for prefect as Ivy and Ryan hadn't won, how on earth would Peyton be selected? Surely Jasmine was a better candidate than her. The other Crotalus was friendly and helpful. Plus, she had gotten Social Butterfly in the yearbook while Peyton had gotten Most Bashful.

And Peyton just didn't.... sparkle . She wasn't special . She wasn't a star quidditch player like Eden, (Even though Eden hadn't played last year. The fifth year didn't quite understand why, nor did she care.) She wasn't the smartest person in her class. She'd only gotten one yearbook award (as opposed to Ivy's five). Peyton baked and cooked and she played the clarinet. That was it. Nothing special.

Anyway, what if she did get prefect? Was Jasmine going to be upset with her? Was Ivy? The Crotalus didn't want to hurt either of them. Ivy had been devastated last year, convinced the staff hated her. And Ivy was the sort of person who really wanted the approval of staff members. Peyton couldn't understand why her cousin hadn't won. Was the staff just predisposed to prefer athletes? She couldn't imagine that was the case with Headmaster Brockert. Peyton knew full well the Brockerts didn't give a Blast-Ended Skrewt's blasted end about Quidditch. Also, that wouldn't be much of a deciding factor between her and Jasmine.

Still, she did want it. Ever since Eden-and the others too, but Eden was the one close to her age, the one that Peyton saw every single day, the one who symbolized it all-came along, it was like she was competing with the Teppenpaw. It felt to her like her siblings were so interested in getting to know their other siblings that she and Ryan were left out in the cold.

And Eden had gotten prefect. If Peyton didn't, that meant Eden was better than her. Again.

At least Sophie was going to be here for the time being. Peyton was glad to have her sister-in-law back. She wished Professor Carter well, as she didn't want the woman to suffer, but the Crotalus much preferred having Sophie around.

The feast began. Peyton watched as the first years be sorted, noting that Jasmine's sister was sorted into Pecari. The fifth year was not at all surprised.

Then the moment came that she'd been waiting anxiously for. Headmaster Brockert began to call the names, first mentioning the Head Students. Which were so not the people she had expected to win. She sort of thought it would be Emerald and Winston. Peyton was happy for Natalie though.

"In addition I'd like to call up Gary Harper, Dorian Montoir, Peyton O'Malley and Parker Fitzgerald to receive their prefect badges. Congratulations."

And Peyton was even more shocked then. For as much as she hoped, she honestly hadn't thought she was going to win, but she had done it, she was as good as Eden. At least this time.

As she took her place on the stage she was faced with the sudden realization though that Vlad hadn't won. Of course, Peyton had sort of expected Ruby to get it for Teppenpaw because she was the Headmaster's granddaughter but she had really hoped it would be her cousin. It was neither of them.

Nothing against Dorian, who seemed like a pretty good canditate-not that that always mattered given that Ivy was a thousand times better a candidate than Eden-but she had wanted to do this with her cousin. At least Ivy wouldn't have to feel left out though because Peyton and Vlad were prefects and she wasn't.

She took her seat again and Headmaster Brockert announced that they'd be having team challenges this year. These were the same challenges that Ryan (and Sally) had gotten second in and Arnold had gotten first. Peyton didn't consider herself a competitive person by nature, but well, she wanted to get at least second. Okay, it would be nice to win because well, who didn't want to win but if she got second she'd have done the same as Ryan. Also-and Peyton felt bad-ish about this-she rather wanted her team to beat Eden's.

At least she didn't have to lead the team though. Even though she was prefect, team leader went to seventh years first and then sixth year prefects, then other sixth years. "I wonder who'll be on my team." Peyton said aloud.

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