Professor Sophie O'Malley
Either that or a cunning imitation of it.
Sat Jul 13, 2019 10:59

So she was back. Sophie had left Sonora a few years prior after a decent sting teaching Potions. It was a place she knew well, even before then. It had been kind of a dream teaching at her alma mater, but life had, unfortunately, thrown her other plans. After her godfather’s stroke rendered him in need of care, she had returned home on a permanent basis. Sophie had absolutely never envisioned herself as a caregiver/stay-at-home mom, but she couldn’t say she minded it. Her kids were pretty cool, and Serapes wasn’t without his pleasantness (to her, at least; it wasn’t the most widespread opinion). Still, she did find herself occasionally missing Sonora, so when she had been asked to return temporarily to substitute for Isis, she had quickly snapped up the opportunity. Well, first she discussed it with her husband Ryan, because she was a halfway decent wife. But then she had totally snapped it up.

Staff weren’t really supposed to have opinions on the placement of badges, but Sophie couldn't contain her excitement as the new prefects were announced. She rose from her chair, clapping and cheering. Hopefully she wouldn’t get in trouble for that; it wasn’t like she was real staff anyway, and that little Crotalus girl was her husband’s baby sister. So yeah, she was a little biased. She was pretty sure the new Head Girl was Ryan’s first cousin, as well, but honestly she couldn’t keep track of his family. They were definitely related, though, so good for her.

She surprised herself with how little of the school song she remembered but managed to justify her school disloyalty with how many children’s songs were crammed into her brain 24/7 at home. Stanley was particularly passionate about his music lately, and either he was already going deaf or was bound to be a rock star, because damn did he like volume.

“Here’s to another one,” said a colleague beside her. Sophie turned and saw Gray Wright, lifting his drink in a toast.

“Definitely,” she smiled, glad she was able to say there was another one for her. Sophie glanced at his glass and chuckled lightly. “What, just juice?” she teased. “How have you been?”

  • I...I think I'm still alive.Professor Wright, Fri Jul 5 17:09
    Excesses of sunlight and exercise had never precisely been Gray's favorite things, but he had thought that those were the worst things he had to fear from the school tour. He had been mistaken.... more
    • Either that or a cunning imitation of it. — Professor Sophie O'Malley, Sat Jul 13 10:59
      • I am a master of illusion.Gray Wright, Fri Jul 19 09:51
        "My juice is indeed dedicated to justice," said Gray seriously, enjoying the play on words even though he knew it was a bit silly. He sometimes wished he knew other languages just for the sake of... more
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