Gray Wright
I am a master of illusion.
Fri Jul 19, 2019 09:51

"My juice is indeed dedicated to justice," said Gray seriously, enjoying the play on words even though he knew it was a bit silly. He sometimes wished he knew other languages just for the sake of knowing their multiple meanings, words that could only make sense in a given context and which could therefore be twisted for the sake of comedy. "It will preside over the trials of all the other parts of my supper."

He knew wine was the more typical choice for an adult, but he just could not like the stuff. He had tried. He had made concerted efforts, in his younger years. All he had ever gotten was a bad taste in his mouth and the occasional light headache. Vile stuff, wine. If people were meant to drink rotten juice, the juice would rotten from the outset.

"Good. Teaching Charms mostly. I've been doing Orientation today, though, and last term they made me Head of Aladren." He couldn't quite hide a note of pride in his voice as he said that. Illogical he knew - he had been the logical choice, he had taken the job, fin - but so it went. He was still pleased with the appointment, even if he was slightly nervous about giving the speech later. "How about you? Children...childing well? Anything else going on?"

  • Either that or a cunning imitation of it.Professor Sophie O'Malley, Sat Jul 13 10:59
    So she was back. Sophie had left Sonora a few years prior after a decent sting teaching Potions. It was a place she knew well, even before then. It had been kind of a dream teaching at her alma... more
    • I am a master of illusion. — Gray Wright, Fri Jul 19 09:51
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