Things completely out of my control.
Fri Sep 6, 2019 11:50

What had given him away? Nathaniel was concerned now. How did Sylvia just....


She didn't know.

She thought he was concerned about how his team had done - something he had been concerned about, but which he had forgotten about altogether in light of the new problem, which was how his family would respond to being outdone by him and a ragtag bunch of misfits.

She didn't know at all.

He had to tell her. He didn't want her to go over there and see it and have a shock in front of other people. It was better for him to warn her, even if that resulted in her becoming angry with him. They were, after all, family - as unpleasant as it would be to have her angry with him, they were Nate and Sylvia. She would get over it, and he just had to be a man and get over worrying about the short term.

"It - actually, it went well for my team," he said. "It tied for second." Now came the part Sylvia wasn't going to like at all. "Yours and Simon's...they weren't first," he hedged, wanting to ease into it instead of just delivering the blow. He really, really didn't want Sylvia to cry in public, or say something that would ruin his efforts to undo his perceived status as the pariah of Teppenpaw.

  • Whatever for?Sylvia Mordue, Fri Sep 6 06:59
    Sylvia breezed into the hall. She had had a meeting of the Gardenia Girls the previous evening, and personally felt that her little club was working well. First and foremost, she had people looking... more
    • Things completely out of my control. — Nathaniel, Fri Sep 6 11:50
      • Nate was second? That was wonderful, especially given the circumstances of who he had on his team. She and Simon were not occupying the other two spots that would have given them level pegging or a... more
        • He could not let her walk over there. "Sylvia, wait," he said, touching her arm. "It's - you don't understand. Simon and - and Victor came in last," he said, lowering his voice on the last part, not... more
          • Silly goose, I could never be mad at youSylvia, Mon Sep 9 07:50
            Last. Sylvia’s flawless, white-toothed smiled flickered for just a second, registering the hurt and disappointment of that fact. She was, by nature, quite a competitive person. It wasn’t something... more
            • "Absolutely," said Nathaniel when Sylvia asked if her reasoning was all right. "And no, the other two teams, they weren't - well, nobody as respectable as you." Of course, Florence Newell was a... more
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