I know, but I am physically incapable of not doing so.
Sun Sep 8, 2019 19:58

He could not let her walk over there.

"Sylvia, wait," he said, touching her arm. "It's - you don't understand. Simon and - and Victor came in last," he said, lowering his voice on the last part, not keen to have anyone hear it.

That was silly, of course. Everyone was probably going to go look at the list, and anyone bored enough could figure out which team Sylvia was on. He hoped, however, that he could implicitly blame Victor for what had happened to Sylvia, rather than implying she might be in any way involved in what had happened.

"It's not your fault," he said, repeating what she had said to him only a minute ago. "Or Simon's. Things just - went wrong." He was even willing to throw his own near-victory into the category of things going wrong if it kept her from getting upset. He hated the thought of Sylvia being upset by anything, and while he didn't think she would hold it against him that he was on a team which happened to do well, he didn't want her to feel bad about herself or embarrassed about Simon and Jeremy. He was already trying to think of the next few things to use to convince her it was all rubbish - the most convincing was that the staff was biased, he needed more, but he thought that one would give him time to think of more excuses.

  • Nate was second? That was wonderful, especially given the circumstances of who he had on his team. She and Simon were not occupying the other two spots that would have given them level pegging or a... more
    • I know, but I am physically incapable of not doing so. — Nathaniel, Sun Sep 8 19:58
      • Silly goose, I could never be mad at youSylvia, Mon Sep 9 07:50
        Last. Sylvia’s flawless, white-toothed smiled flickered for just a second, registering the hurt and disappointment of that fact. She was, by nature, quite a competitive person. It wasn’t something... more
        • "Absolutely," said Nathaniel when Sylvia asked if her reasoning was all right. "And no, the other two teams, they weren't - well, nobody as respectable as you." Of course, Florence Newell was a... more
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