Silly goose, I could never be mad at you
Mon Sep 9, 2019 07:50

Last. Sylvia’s flawless, white-toothed smiled flickered for just a second, registering the hurt and disappointment of that fact. She was, by nature, quite a competitive person. It wasn’t something she made obvious, because it generally wasn’t considered an attractive trait, but Nate knew. Nate had played enough games against her to know. Nate had come to meet her in the MARS room, which for her mimicked the pool at Sylvia’s house, complete with the personal bests and quickest times per year that her father had charmed onto the walls - the ones that, if you did the maths, showed that at certain ages, Sylvia would have been able to beat a Simon of the equivalent age. In real life, Nate and Jeremy’s records were up there too, though in the MARS room, Jeremy was given much more selective mentions, seeing as he had overtaken Sylvia, relative to their ages.

She put the smile back, or at least a demure and neutral expression - it didn’t do to go around grinning like an idiot at all times. Katerina smiled too much, and it made her look positively vacant at times.

“Thank you,” she said to Nate, both for the warning, and the assertion that it was not her fault. She took a deep breath. “It was the sort of challenge that suits a rougher type of person, and there’s no shame in me doing badly in it - nor you doing well. Not that you’re rough of course, but the company they’ve stuck you with,” she tried the excuses, keeping her voice low so that only Nate would hear. “That sounds alright, doesn’t it?” she added, the doubt flickering across her eyes for second, just for him, “For all of us? No one terribly proper came first, did they?” she checked.

  • He could not let her walk over there. "Sylvia, wait," he said, touching her arm. "It's - you don't understand. Simon and - and Victor came in last," he said, lowering his voice on the last part, not... more
    • Silly goose, I could never be mad at you — Sylvia, Mon Sep 9 07:50
      • "Absolutely," said Nathaniel when Sylvia asked if her reasoning was all right. "And no, the other two teams, they weren't - well, nobody as respectable as you." Of course, Florence Newell was a... more
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