*flaps about contentedly* Excellent. Nor I with you.
Mon Sep 9, 2019 23:39

"Absolutely," said Nathaniel when Sylvia asked if her reasoning was all right. "And no, the other two teams, they weren't - well, nobody as respectable as you."

Of course, Florence Newell was a particularly thorny issue, one that pricked close to the edges of Nathaniel's deepest insecurities. The Newells had been respectable people in their lifetimes, but now they were...tarnished. Nathaniel had to grudgingly concede that his father wasn't as bad as that Newell man who'd gone to prison for Dark magic, but - well, he didn't want to think about that, and so shoved it out of his head as rapidly as possible.

A little harder to get out of his head was the idea that it had been a challenge oriented toward 'rough' people. She had said he wasn't a rough person, just lumped in with them, but...What did it mean, anyway? If he was too gentle, he was unmanly - a very improper thing to be. He had to be strong; that was what it was to be a man. However, if he was 'rough', that was impolite, and it might break apart the two most important relationships in his life - with Sylvia and his mother.

"I think we should just go ahead and eat," he said. "So nobody will ask about your team right now, while they're looking at the head of team names, and later it won't matter."

  • Silly goose, I could never be mad at youSylvia, Mon Sep 9 07:50
    Last. Sylvia’s flawless, white-toothed smiled flickered for just a second, registering the hurt and disappointment of that fact. She was, by nature, quite a competitive person. It wasn’t something... more
    • *flaps about contentedly* Excellent. Nor I with you. — Nathaniel, Mon Sep 9 23:39
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