Tatiana Vorontsova
You never told me! (tag Jasmine).
Thu Sep 12, 2019 13:52

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Tatiana walked into the Cascade Hall, a long station necklace around her neck swinging carelessly across her chest as she walked rapidly, gold bracelets jingling merrily on her wrists, earrings flashing as she turned her head to look here and there for Jasmine Delachene. When she spotted her, she hurried yet more, all but bouncing over to the table where the other girl was seated and plopping down gracelessly in a chair beside hers.

"Your sister, I hear her name is Anastasia!" she exclaimed with little preamble. Small talk was not her favorite thing even when she was speaking her best language, and she rarely bothered with it at all in English. Her tone was more delighted than offended as she announced this fact which Jasmine was presumably already very familiar with to her, then continued, "And you call Anya! Why do you never tell me this before, that you have Russian family? I thought you all French!"

Anastasia was not, however, a French name. The fashion for speaking French at one point in Russia's history meant that it wasn't unheard of for some Russian girls, especially in Peterburg, to be called Anastasie instead of any of the traditional forms of the name, but that was as a sort of strange diminutive - one of the things Tatiana would never tell Dorian was that she always thought all the '-ie' sounds in French made it sound rather childish to her half the time, and especially in girls' names.

However, Jasmine's sister (though she was called 'Anya' for some reason - odd thing! Perhaps it had been a while since their family had been Russian properly; perhaps something had gotten confused, because 'Anya' was a name for Annas, not Anastasias) was not called Anastasie, and was named Anastasia, and used a Russian diminutive, even though she did not use one of the traditional ones associated with her name. This was an exciting revelation to Tatiana, even if it was almost certain that Anastasia Raoulevna (stupid French name, hard to properly convert) did not speak Russian because Jasmine did not speak Russian.

"We might be cousins!" she added, to explain some of her excitement, beyond just being happy with the thought of another tie to her home culture here.

  • ****Midterm**** (nm)Headmaster Brockert, Fri Sep 6 11:02
    • You never told me! (tag Jasmine). — Tatiana Vorontsova, Thu Sep 12 13:52
      • Oh, no, Anya’s not Russian. So far as we know.Jasmine Delachene, Thu Sep 12 14:28
        Jasmine was more or less accustomed to Tatiana’s propensity to arrive and immediately launch into conversation without any kind of greeting or pleasantries. When the other girl showed up today,... more
        • Oh. That's too bad.Tatiana, Thu Sep 12 18:32
          Tatiana listened carefully, but understood less than half of what Jasmine was saying. Very little of this problem had much to do with English, though she didn't immediately realize this. Dream-works. ... more
          • I know. You'd be a good cousin.Jasmine, Thu Sep 12 19:31
            For a moment, Jasmine was confused for why Tatiana was suddenly having trouble with English or, at least, more trouble than she normally did. Then the penny dropped and Jasmine remembered she had... more
            • I'm loyal and I give decent presents.Tatiana, Thu Sep 12 20:02
              Companies made movies. Movies were like portraits of book plots. Tatiana looked at her friend in awe. "Truly?" she said. "This is a wonder! And you say Magly have invent this wonder? Magly know art?" ... more
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