Jasmine Delachene
Oh, no, Anya’s not Russian. So far as we know.
Thu Sep 12, 2019 14:28

Jasmine was more or less accustomed to Tatiana’s propensity to arrive and immediately launch into conversation without any kind of greeting or pleasantries. When the other girl showed up today, Jasmine couldn’t have said what she was expecting the topic to be, but her sister’s name wasn’t on the top ten list, and it took a few seconds for her to work through Tatiana’s accent enough to figure out that what what they were talking about today.

Once the onslaught of words ceased, Jasmine sat there blinking, trying to figure out what part of it she should answer first, and how gently she should let her friend down.

“Anya and me are both adopted,” she began with, “so maybe we’re cousins by birth family?” Jasmine knew very little about who she had been before she was a Delachene. This was at least in part by choice. Paperwork might exist providing details about where she came from but as long as she didn’t know, she could still believe some small country would come looking for their princess some day.

“But,” she shook her head regretfully, “my adoptive family is only American and French. Well, I don’t know what mess of a lineage I might have on Mom’s side, actually, but I don’t know of any Russian ancestors, though that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. We’re probably mostly Spanish though? California was settled by Spain first, and we’ve been there for as long as I know of.” Admittedly, her knowledge of her family history only extended back as far as where her grandparents had been born: France for the Delachenes; California for everyone else.

”But Anya’s name came from the Dreamworks movie. It’s not Disney, like Aladdin where my name is from, but it’s close enough. Anyway, it’s based on the Russian story, but Anya’s not actually Russian herself. Oh, and don’t ever call her Anastasia. She hates her full name. She likes Anya much more.”

  • You never told me! (tag Jasmine).Tatiana Vorontsova, Thu Sep 12 13:52
    OOC: O the Fuzzytime! Tatiana walked into the Cascade Hall, a long station necklace around her neck swinging carelessly across her chest as she walked rapidly, gold bracelets jingling merrily on her... more
    • Oh, no, Anya’s not Russian. So far as we know. — Jasmine Delachene, Thu Sep 12 14:28
      • Oh. That's too bad.Tatiana, Thu Sep 12 18:32
        Tatiana listened carefully, but understood less than half of what Jasmine was saying. Very little of this problem had much to do with English, though she didn't immediately realize this. Dream-works. ... more
        • I know. You'd be a good cousin.Jasmine, Thu Sep 12 19:31
          For a moment, Jasmine was confused for why Tatiana was suddenly having trouble with English or, at least, more trouble than she normally did. Then the penny dropped and Jasmine remembered she had... more
          • I'm loyal and I give decent presents.Tatiana, Thu Sep 12 20:02
            Companies made movies. Movies were like portraits of book plots. Tatiana looked at her friend in awe. "Truly?" she said. "This is a wonder! And you say Magly have invent this wonder? Magly know art?" ... more
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