Oh. That's too bad.
Thu Sep 12, 2019 18:32

Tatiana listened carefully, but understood less than half of what Jasmine was saying. Very little of this problem had much to do with English, though she didn't immediately realize this.

Dream-works. Those were two English words she knew, but they didn't...go together, not like that. She thought that German sometimes did stick words together like that to express concepts, but she didn't speak German - attempts to teach it to her had only ever taught her words, but not how to put them together properly; it just had refused to stick properly, somehow - and had never had any reason to think Jasmine did either - otherwise, they should have had her in Club of Tongues.

Then the rest of it got even weirder - Al-lah-din. Din, that was English, yes? Was it something about alcohol? She had little use for that word in English, but she thought it did sound similar in English and Russian, and people who drank too much alcohol could produce a din. Diz-nee? Knee? Like the body part?

"I am sorry," she said. "I do not know some of your words - movie? Disney? Dreamwork? Maybe I just do not know them when they are here, about names?" she suggested, in case the terms were things she should have known by now.

  • Oh, no, Anya’s not Russian. So far as we know.Jasmine Delachene, Thu Sep 12 14:28
    Jasmine was more or less accustomed to Tatiana’s propensity to arrive and immediately launch into conversation without any kind of greeting or pleasantries. When the other girl showed up today,... more
    • Oh. That's too bad. — Tatiana, Thu Sep 12 18:32
      • I know. You'd be a good cousin.Jasmine, Thu Sep 12 19:31
        For a moment, Jasmine was confused for why Tatiana was suddenly having trouble with English or, at least, more trouble than she normally did. Then the penny dropped and Jasmine remembered she had... more
        • I'm loyal and I give decent presents.Tatiana, Thu Sep 12 20:02
          Companies made movies. Movies were like portraits of book plots. Tatiana looked at her friend in awe. "Truly?" she said. "This is a wonder! And you say Magly have invent this wonder? Magly know art?" ... more
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