I know. You'd be a good cousin.
Thu Sep 12, 2019 19:31

For a moment, Jasmine was confused for why Tatiana was suddenly having trouble with English or, at least, more trouble than she normally did. Then the penny dropped and Jasmine remembered she had just slipped into MuggleSpeak and Tatiana, if she knew MuggleSpeak at all, which Jasmine doubted, she would know Russian MuggleSpeak. Dreamworks and Disney would probably sound roughly the same, though, as they were names, so it was definitely a lack of muggle knowledge at fault. It still kind of baffled her a little that most witches and wizards were not raised on a steady diet of animated films.

"Right," she said in realization. "It's muggle stuff," she explained. "My mom is muggleborn. Disney and Dreamworks are companies that make movies. Movies are like portraits, except they only follow the same plot over and over. It's . . . a portrait of a book. Like, a portrait of what happens in the book, not just its cover. It plays out, and then you can watch it again if you want. And the characters talk to each other and there's sound effects and music. So if a portrait did all of that, it would be a movie. My movie was called Aladdin, like a book, that was its title. Disney made that one, they painted it and enchanted it with Disney Magic, which is different from real magic, but just as amazing. Disney makes all the best movies. Anya's name is from the movie titled Anastasia, made by Dreamworks, and it has a lot of the same elements that make Disney movies great, like really good animation and beautiful songs."

  • Oh. That's too bad.Tatiana, Thu Sep 12 18:32
    Tatiana listened carefully, but understood less than half of what Jasmine was saying. Very little of this problem had much to do with English, though she didn't immediately realize this. Dream-works. ... more
    • I know. You'd be a good cousin. — Jasmine, Thu Sep 12 19:31
      • I'm loyal and I give decent presents.Tatiana, Thu Sep 12 20:02
        Companies made movies. Movies were like portraits of book plots. Tatiana looked at her friend in awe. "Truly?" she said. "This is a wonder! And you say Magly have invent this wonder? Magly know art?" ... more
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