I'm loyal and I give decent presents.
Thu Sep 12, 2019 20:02

Companies made movies. Movies were like portraits of book plots. Tatiana looked at her friend in awe.

"Truly?" she said. "This is a wonder! And you say Magly have invent this wonder? Magly know art?" Art was a good thing to know. Tatiana enjoyed beautiful things, but had always heard this was not enough to constitute the artistic appreciation a young lady should have; merely finding it lovely wasn't enough, though nobody could explain what would be in a way she quite understood. It was enough for her that things were bright and beautiful....

She tried to imagine this use of art which Jasmine was describing. She saw pictures in books, line drawings, which moved fairly repetitively, to demonstrate things like wand movements. That, however, was a long way from portraits that were not portraits, which walked through a story over and over again. She could grasp the idea of somehow convincing portraits to carry out a play, if they were easily convinced portraits, but to just be able to watch a play whenever as though it were a book, and over and over the same? This was fascinating!

"And they made story about Russians, eh? We always hear that Americans do not know about us."

She shook her head slightly over the diminutive thing again. "My sister is also Anya," she said. "But her big name - it is Anna. At home, if a girl is Anastasia, we call her Nastya, Nastenka. Usually we do. I have not heard of anyone saying 'Anya' for 'Anastasia.' Where did Anya come from with you?"

  • I know. You'd be a good cousin.Jasmine, Thu Sep 12 19:31
    For a moment, Jasmine was confused for why Tatiana was suddenly having trouble with English or, at least, more trouble than she normally did. Then the penny dropped and Jasmine remembered she had... more
    • I'm loyal and I give decent presents. — Tatiana, Thu Sep 12 20:02
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