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Ginger Pierce
Roomates! I have drama!
Wed Sep 21, 2016 15:05

Ginger was glad to be back to school. She loved her family, and she was sad was going to miss the birth of Saul and Elly's baby, due any day now, but this particular summer had been difficult and she was happy to put it behind her. She didn't like to think she was a typical teenager, and liked even less to think her family was subject to typical points of contention between parents and teenagers, but if Mom had brought up Jake one more time....

She entered the room she shared with Jemima and Lauren and backflopped onto her bed, staring up at the ceiling for a good long handful of seconds before declaring, "We should have stars on our ceiling this year. Maybe even nebulas, like they had at the dance. That looked awesome."

Sitting up, she looked toward her friends. Lauren was on her wagon, so they always arrived together, and Jemima was from the Midwest so hers often arrived within a short while of the Pacific wagon. Ginger had swung by the kitchen to request a delivery of cookies for their decorating party, so by the time she'd walked back and done the jig, they were all present, including the cookies.

"So my mom hates Jake," she revealed. It had been a recurring theme throughout the summer, but when she'd written to her friends, she'd mostly just condensed the events to a offhand remark that her mom was being unreasonable again and spent most of her ink telling them about actually interesting things she'd been doing like having a speaking part in some of the Faire skits or writing checks because Mom thought she was old enough now to authorize some of the family's expenses. Mom still needed to co-sign, as Ginger was legally still a minor, but it was still a pretty awesome grown-up thing to get to do.

That Mom was birthing kittens about a seventeen year old boyfriend when she trusted Ginger with literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in the California Pierce accounts was astounding to the Teppenpaw. "She hasn't even met him! Why can't she just be happy that we're happy together?"

    • OMGLauren Song, Fri Sep 23 00:24
      Lauren was so happy to be back at Sonora. It had been a rough summer at home this year. Isaac had been away at soccer camp for two weeks which was followed by basketball camp for another week. Maia... more
      • Dun-dun-duuuuuhJemima Wolseithcrafte, Sat Oct 8 00:02
        “Are you talking to your bed or us?” Jemima asked, as Lauren declared ‘I missed you’ whilst face down in her pillows. It definitely seemed like the former. The beds at Sonora were super comfy, so she ... more
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