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Lauren Song
Fri Sep 23, 2016 00:24

Lauren was so happy to be back at Sonora. It had been a rough summer at home this year. Isaac had been away at soccer camp for two weeks which was followed by basketball camp for another week. Maia had tennis practice and a bunch of other lessons and tutors to keep her busy and productive during the vacation months. Lauren had absolutely nothing to do. She had read a lot of books, written a lot of letters to her best friends and even to Arne, and had listened to her parents argue when Dad came on his bi-annual visit, this time with Grandpa in tow.

Somewhere during the last school year her dad's mom had passed away in Korea. Her mom had gone to the funeral with Maia and Isaac, but Lauren didn't even hear the news until the week she got back from school. She hadn't been close to her grandma, but it was still sad to lose a family member. It was the excuse Dad gave to Mom when he showed up with Grandpa expecting them to take care of him for the month they were both at home. It was tough living with her grandpa from Korea for a month and trying to entertain him. He was really ambitious and liked to spoil her and her siblings, but he also liked to try and teach them what was right and wrong, most of which Lauren didn't understand and didn't appreciate at fifteen.

Mom and Dad had argued a lot about what to do about Grandpa, usually in heated voices in their bedroom in the evenings. Lauren didn't know if anything ever got solved, but she could feel the tension between them just by being in the same room. A month later Dad went back to Korea with Grandpa and Mom was momentarily depressed as she always was when her husband had to go again. It was hard having two parents in two different countries, but Lauren couldn't imagine being separated like that from her hypothetical husband. Even though Lauren's parents talked a lot over Skype and other avenues of communication, it definitely wasn't the same only seeing each other twice a year.

Even though she'd written to her roommates about it a little, she'd stuck to more positive things. So on the wagon ride back to school, Lauren told Ginger all of the details. It was going to be another long conversation with Jemima to update her too. Lauren was looking forward to leaving the summer behind and listening to her roommates. They had problems of their own that were definitely more interesting than hers. Boys. The only boy paying any attention to her was Arne, and it wasn't like he liked her. At the moment Lauren didn't have anyone to crush on, but she liked hearing all the relationship dramas going on with her friends.

When she entered the room, she made a beeline for her bed. "How I missed you," she said, flopping onto it right before Ginger made her declaration. "I agree," Lauren said and sat up clutching her pillow to her chest. "Glow-in-the-dark stars would look so pretty. You know, maybe we can even try using the same charms that they used for the dance, now that we're old enough." It brought the unwelcome reminder that they had to take their CATS this year, and Lauren groaned and flopped backwards on her bed again.

At Ginger's news, Lauren sat up again. "Aw, that's awful. I think she would probably hate anyone you date, honestly. I think that's just how mom's are." Lauren had absolutely no experience to back herself up, but it sounded about right. "Jake is such a nice guy. I think she would like him a lot more if she met him. Besides, if she can trust you with money I feel like she should be able to trust you with a boyfriend."

  • Roomates! I have drama!Ginger Pierce, Wed Sep 21 15:05
    Ginger was glad to be back to school. She loved her family, and she was sad was going to miss the birth of Saul and Elly's baby, due any day now, but this particular summer had been difficult and she ... more
    • OMG — Lauren Song, Fri Sep 23 00:24
      • Dun-dun-duuuuuhJemima Wolseithcrafte, Sat Oct 8 00:02
        “Are you talking to your bed or us?” Jemima asked, as Lauren declared ‘I missed you’ whilst face down in her pillows. It definitely seemed like the former. The beds at Sonora were super comfy, so she ... more
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