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Professor Xavier
HoH Speech
Fri Oct 7, 2016 09:28

Nathan rose from the staff table as the plates cleared. Teppenpaw had drawn a fair group this year, spread evenly enough that nobody would be left without a roommate nor would any of the Teppenpaw first year rooms feel overcrowded. He felt a little bad for the Aladren girls who would need to cram five students into the same space that in Teppenpaw only needed to fit two. That, however, was Alfie Pye's problem not Nathan's.

"Teppenpaw first years, to me, please," he called gathering together the quartet of new Prairie Dogs. This would be a much more manageable group to leas down the halls that the full orientation tour group. Satisfied that he had the correct set of students who had turned yellow, he lead them out of Cascade Hall. "As I mentioned earlier, I'm Professor Xavier," he repeated his introduction, in case they had forgotten or hadn't thought his name was one that mattered to them four hours ago. "And I'm the Head of Teppenpaw, your new House. Welcome to our family. We're pretty well known for being friendly and nice, so you shouldn't have too many problems with your Housemates, but if you ever do, be sure to let me or one of the prefects know and we'll do everything we can to help you settle the dispute."

They had continued to walk down the school corridors as he spoke and he drew attention to their route now. "You may have noticed we're heading toward the hospital wing. Our House entrance is right up the stairs next to that, so if you ever get lost just, ask a portrait to point you to the hospital wing, and that should get you to Teppenpaw, too."

They walked a bit further, and Nathan pointed out a few portraits they could use as either landmarks or reliable sources for directions. "Some portraits will think it funny to misdirect you," he warned, "but if you stick to the witches and wizards labelled as previous professors, you should be safe. Just never ask Professor Clurican about the weather. He'll always tell you its raining." Nathan wasn't sure if this was malicious or if the old Irish founder just assumed it was always raining and never bothered to verify.

This brought them to the large double doors leading into the hospital wing. "Right up here," he told them, ushering them toward the neighboring stairwell. "My office is right at the top, and then some supply closets, and the elf quarters are up here, too," he explained, since this part hadn't been part of the tour earlier, "but I don't recommend bothering them on their home grounds. Elf magic is pretty powerful and too often underestimated."

"Here." Nathan stopped only about halfway up the stairs. "This is our entrance." He pointed at the step below him, "Watch for the one with the diamond shaped chip in it." His toe nudged the spot to draw attention to it.

Now it was time for his least favorite part of his Head Of House duties. "We don't have a password," he apologized. "We have a jig." Dancing on a chipped stair seemed like a terrible idea to him, but so far, knock on wood, he hadn't yet had anyone hurt themselves doing it. "You don't have to be good at it," he promised, the only reassurance he could offer. "You just need to do the right steps in the right order. Like this."

He demonstrated. Nathan was a big man with too many pounds around his middle so it was by no means a graceful or even a dignified dance, but his steps followed the pattern he described out loud, "step, step, step, click your heels, tap, tap, shuffle," he paused briefly, looking at the students, "do it we me, we repeat that two more times, three in total. Step, step, step, click your heels, tap, tap, shuffle. Getting there, one more time. Step, step, step, click your heels, tap, tap, shuffle." On the completion of the third iteration, the wall beside him opened up, revealing the Teppenpaw Common Room, decorated in muted yellow and maroon tones. "Go on in," he invited, and followed after once they were all inside.

Nathan found it a nice relaxing space and he often spent a couple hours each day sitting on one of the comfortable couches or chairs scattered about the room, in the hopes that familiarity bred trust and the students would voluntarily come to him if they had any issues with anything. He enjoyed engaging the students there in conversation and getting to know them. It made him feel like part of the House, not just its overseer, and he hoped the students likewise saw him as a favored uncle with whom they could be comfortable and joke, rather than being an imposing authority figure.

"While you're here, I hope we will all see each other as friends and family, but if things get out of hand, I'm responsible for getting them back in hand. I haven't had to dole out too many detentions so far, and I hope to keep it that way. So just be respectful to each other and school property, and be in the commons by ten, which is when curfew and quiet time starts.

"Your dorms are up those stairs, girls to the right, boys to the left, your room is the one with your year number on it. Going up the wrong set of stairs will just dump you right back here on your bottom so I suggest keeping to your own side."

He pointed over to the wall beside where they had entered. "The bulletin board is there, keep an eye on it for school and club announcements. Teppenpaw is proud that our Jake Manger earned Head Boy tonight. He is one of our prefects, along with Aiden O'Neil and Jemima Wolseithcrafte this year. Liac Reinhardt is our Quidditch Captain, with Ginger Pierce as his assistant. So any of those people, or myself, are good folks to go to if you have a question or problem or just want to talk to somebody. They all wear badges so you can easily identify them as House and School authorities."

He couldn't think of what else he might be forgetting, so he wrapped up his speech there. "I think that's everything. Any questions, please ask, otherwise, converse amongst yourselves or head up to bed. Breakfast is at seven, and I have more maps in my office right over there if you misplaced yours and can't remember how to get there."

OOC: Welcome to Sonora and Teppenpaw House! You may reply here with questions or just chat with and get to know your Housemates. You are now welcome to post your new Teppenpaw on any board except the common rooms of other Houses or the Lounges, because first year Teppenpaw students aren't allowed there. You may continue your feast and orientation posts as long as you like thanks to fuzzy time, which lets you write multiple threads taking place at different tomes simultaneously. Have fun!

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