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Jemima Wolseithcrafte
Sat Oct 8, 2016 00:02

“Are you talking to your bed or us?” Jemima asked, as Lauren declared ‘I missed you’ whilst face down in her pillows. It definitely seemed like the former. The beds at Sonora were super comfy, so she couldn’t say she blamed her, although her own bed at home was good too and she, personally, had missed her friends more.

“A space theme sounds cool. No freaky alien people walking around our room though,” Jemima giggled. Actually the thought of the… people(?) they had had at the ball peering over them whilst they slept was more creepy than funny. She wished she hadn’t said that.

“What?” she gasped at Ginger’s news. “Why do they hate him? Jake’s such a nice guy.” She didn’t quite agree with Lauren that mum’s were just like that about guys. Her own mum seemed fine with Owen. Not to say there weren’t other family members making it awkward... “Theodore’s been weird this summer. I mean, differently weird to usual. He seems to have launched into protective big brother mode. He kept telling me not to let Owen boss me around or stuff like that. I mean… It’s OWEN. Have you ever met anyone less bossy? And this coming from my older brother, who did guess what for the first however many years of our lives? Families always suck over who you date.

“Does Jake’s family like you?” she asked. Not that she could imagine anyone not liking Ginger, but this kind of stuff usually went both ways. As she’d said… families always sucked. “I… I don’t think Owen’s mother dislikes me or anything. But every time she talks to me I feel like… like she’s evaluating me or something?” It wasn’t unusual to have to mind one’s ps and qs with adults, or to feel like they were judging you, but the feeling was definitely more intense when it was Owen’s mum doing it.

OOC - permission for Owen’s mum’s attitude obtained from his author

  • OMGLauren Song, Fri Sep 23 00:24
    Lauren was so happy to be back at Sonora. It had been a rough summer at home this year. Isaac had been away at soccer camp for two weeks which was followed by basketball camp for another week. Maia... more
    • Dun-dun-duuuuuh — Jemima Wolseithcrafte, Sat Oct 8 00:02
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