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Kir McLeod
The morning after (tag Sawyer)
Sun Oct 9, 2016 07:16

Kir was about ready to drop. He’d fallen asleep for a little bit on the wagon, the gentle motion making it almost inevitable, but it wasn’t the most restful sleep, and it had been a long, exciting, exhausting day. Coupled with that was a belly full of food and his body feeling it was several hours later than the clocks here claimed it was…

The directions to the common room more or less passed him by. The jig was something he was confident he could get right if someone showed it to him when his eyes were actually open… He felt very bad that he might actually have nodded off when Professor Xavier was speaking.

At the end of the speech, he dragged himself up to his dorm room. It was very tempting to just lie down on the inviting-looking bed. Just for ‘a second.’ But Kir knew he would fall asleep straight away. He fumbled through his trunk, finding his pyjamas. They were tartan - not the family one, but just whatever the department store in Boston had had. They’d been a gift from his aunt, a bit of a joke one, but he really liked them. They were nice pyjamas. They were soft. And tonight they were unco-operative, as he struggled with the buttons and accidentally put both legs down the same… what was one side of a trouser called? Was it a trouser? After all, they were a pair of trousers… He gave his teeth a quick brush and fell into bed, a brief thought about his absent room-mate flitting through his mind as he did so…

In the morning, he awoke to find that the other boy had, at some point, come up and was asleep in the bed opposite. Kir tried to wriggle quietly, getting his book out. Luckily it was easy to find as he’d had it out on the wagon ride. He settled back in bed, trying to to turn the pages softly until the other boy woke up.

“Hi,” Kir smiled, when his room-mate seemed to be with him. “I’m sorry we didn’t really meet last night. I just completely crashed out after the feast. I’m Kir.”

OOC - sorry not to reply to your thread and to give you more work to do, but I had the idea in my head that Kir was just pass-out tired and it wouldn’t budge, even though RP normally ignores such boring practicalities in favour of having a chat. I’m also assuming that they arrive on a Saturday or something, so that the kids don’t have classes their very first day, and therefore they have a little time to chat.

  • HoH SpeechProfessor Xavier, Fri Oct 7 09:28
    Nathan rose from the staff table as the plates cleared. Teppenpaw had drawn a fair group this year, spread evenly enough that nobody would be left without a roommate nor would any of the Teppenpaw... more
    • The morning after (tag Sawyer) — Kir McLeod, Sun Oct 9 07:16
      • Good Morning!Sawyer, Mon Oct 10 18:54
        When Sawyer had come up, he hadn’t quite expected his roommate to already be asleep, but he supposed it was understandable. The day had been rather eventful, especially after a long ride in a wagon.... more
        • Making up for lost timeKir, Sun Oct 16 01:11
          Sawyer seemed chirpy and friendly, no mean feat given that he’d literally just woken up, and Kir was forced to smile as his room-mate chattered away. “Nice to meet you. Yeah, the whole day was really ... more
          • This is the TimeSawyer, Tue Nov 1 23:31
            “Oh, there was this green stuff that was pretty good. I forget what it was called, but it was amazing.” He really wished that he had remembered, but he figured that he had an entire year to find out... more
            • HurrahKir, Wed Nov 2 05:41
              “You’ll have to point that out to me next time you see it,” he smiled, as Sawyer said he’d eaten some ‘green stuff.’ As descriptions went, he didn’t think it was an especially solid basis off which... more
              • On and OnSawyer, Thu Nov 3 20:58
                “Oh, definitely,” Sawyer reassured the other boy to the green dish. It was definitely worth trying in his opinion. Though, he was sure there would be lots of other things to try as well. Being a... more
                • And to breakfastKir, Sun Nov 13 22:45
                  “That’s really good,” Kir smiled, when Sawyer said his family did charity stuff like food banks. “The world needs as many people as possible who are willing to help each other out. “Mostly… I mean,... more
    • Getting to meet everyoneSawyer Matheson, Fri Oct 7 16:28
      When the first year Teppenpaws were called, Sawyer followed suit. As they made their way through the school, he looked around with wide eyes. The school was huge in comparison to the modest school he ... more
      • Nice to meet you!Ayla Tremaine, Mon Oct 10 05:10
        Professor Xavier’s announcement to follow him signaled the end of Ayla’s first feast as an official Sonoran. The new Teppenpaw was a little sad to see it end, but she knew that there would be others. ... more
        • You too!Sawyer, Mon Oct 10 18:37
          Sawyer was glad when someone joined him. He grinned at the girl who introduced herself as Ayla Tremaine from Palo Alto. “Nice to meet you too. Yeah, I know what you mean. It is a little... more
          • I'm glad we're in this together.Ayla, Wed Oct 12 01:04
            There was that smile again. Ayla always had a feeling that when she got to school one of her favorite things was going to be being around boys that weren't her brothers. Granted, at nearly 12, she... more
            • I'll Stand By YouSawyer, Thu Oct 13 19:31
              “Ballet? Yeah? My mom made us go to one. All the girls looked like they were dancing around on their tiptoes and the guys did abnormal jumps. I swear they must have been Wizards, but my mom told me... more
              • And sit by me at breakfast! Ayla, Sat Oct 15 14:11
                Ayla laughed at the description Sawyer gave her of the ballet he’d seen. It seemed pretty accurate, honestly. It was a lot of hard work, and maybe that way why Ayla hadn’t stuck with it, she had... more
                • Don't You Forget About MeSawyer, Sun Oct 16 00:40
                  “My dad doesn’t really get too involved with the restaurant besides financial and, of course, eating there. My dad is a pastor for our church,” Sawyer explained. “So, everyone pretty much knows me... more
                  • ImpossibleAyla, Mon Oct 17 12:48
                    Ayla’s brow furrowed slightly as Sawyer described his father’s profession. She wasn’t completely sure what all being a pastor entailed, really. The Tremaine’s didn’t subscribe to any organized... more
                    • I'll Stand by YouSawyer, Thu Oct 20 20:24
                      Sawyer couldn’t help laughing at the fish description Ayla gave. “I don’t really think that I want to be that big of a fish. Maybe a koi will do.” He wanted to get to know his classmates and the... more
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