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Ayla Tremaine
Nice to meet you!
Mon Oct 10, 2016 05:10

Professor Xavier’s announcement to follow him signaled the end of Ayla’s first feast as an official Sonoran. The new Teppenpaw was a little sad to see it end, but she knew that there would be others. She was full, but not too full, and had met her new roommate. All in all, it had been a rather successful start to life at school in her opinion. She followed her Head of House, along with Gwen and two boys she'd yet to meet, and tried her best to pay attention to where they were going. Thank goodness the school supplied maps.

She was looking forward to getting to know her housemates, year mates, and basically as many people as she could. Mother had said to be as involved as possible, and Ayla was very eager to comply. She didn't see a negative side to it anyhow. How could being busy and making lots of friends possibly be bad? Sonora was going to be amazing, even if she was a Teppenpaw. Ayla could just feel it.

The young girl smiled and waved at a few of the paintings as they passed. She had a knack for remembering faces, and though portraits were free to move about from frame to frame, Ayla imagined it might be useful to get to know them too. She desperately tried to stifle a giggle as Xavier demonstrated the jig they were required to perform in order to access the Teppenpaw common room-- it was definitely a site to see. She'd never been more grateful that her mother had insisted on ballet lessons. She'd been decent at picking up choreography, and the jig seemed simple enough, so the petite blonde couldn't foresee an issue getting in. Assuming she could find the right staircase, of course.

As the group entered the common room, Ayla was filled with mixed emotions. The decor was definitely more dated than that of the Tremaine estate, but it still had a certain hominess about it. This was it. This is where she'd spend her evenings for the next seven years. It could be worse, the young girl thought, at least she wasn't in Pecari. She could only imagine what the decor looked like with that horrible color scheme.

Ayla made note of where the bulletin board was, as well as the location of the Head’s office and which dormitory was where. Hopefully she'd be able to remember it all, as the past day had been crammed full of information. She smiled brightly and thanked the professor as the school tour officially came to an end. One of the boys broke off for the dormitories before they'd had a chance to mingle causing a frown to form on Ayla’s full lips. She couldn't tell if he was anti-social or just tired, but she hoped for the latter. She knew she’d have plenty of time to get to know Gwen, so since they still had time before bed, she figured she’d introduce herself to the other boy.

She was still fairly wound up from the day’s festivities and though she considered plopping down beside him on the couch, that wouldn’t be very fitting of a lady. Plus she was wearing a dress. Luckily, there was an armchair near where the blonde boy was sitting. She settled herself in the chair, making sure to smooth out her robes and cross her ankles. He smiled at her and introduced himself. Ayla noticed that Sawyer had a nice smile, and didn’t use the standard introduction used by society purebloods. She supposed that would happen at some point, and he parents had instructed her that she should be nice regardless of blood status. Maybe she belonged in Teppenpaw after all.

“Nice to meet you Sawyer!” Ayla said, returning his smile. “I’m Ayla Tremaine, of the Palo Alto Tremaines.” She wasn’t sure if he’d care about any of that, but it felt strange to say anything other than what she’d practiced. “I’m thrilled to be here as well. It feels like I’ve waited for my whole life to be here. There’s so much to do, and see, and learn. It’s almost overwhelming.” She brushed her blonde hair back from her shoulders and let her gaze settle on the map Sawyer was looking at. “How was the feast for you? Do you think you will be able to find your way back down to Cascade Hall for breakfast in the morning?”

  • Getting to meet everyoneSawyer Matheson, Fri Oct 7 16:28
    When the first year Teppenpaws were called, Sawyer followed suit. As they made their way through the school, he looked around with wide eyes. The school was huge in comparison to the modest school he ... more
    • Nice to meet you! — Ayla Tremaine, Mon Oct 10 05:10
      • You too!Sawyer, Mon Oct 10 18:37
        Sawyer was glad when someone joined him. He grinned at the girl who introduced herself as Ayla Tremaine from Palo Alto. “Nice to meet you too. Yeah, I know what you mean. It is a little... more
        • I'm glad we're in this together.Ayla, Wed Oct 12 01:04
          There was that smile again. Ayla always had a feeling that when she got to school one of her favorite things was going to be being around boys that weren't her brothers. Granted, at nearly 12, she... more
          • I'll Stand By YouSawyer, Thu Oct 13 19:31
            “Ballet? Yeah? My mom made us go to one. All the girls looked like they were dancing around on their tiptoes and the guys did abnormal jumps. I swear they must have been Wizards, but my mom told me... more
            • And sit by me at breakfast! Ayla, Sat Oct 15 14:11
              Ayla laughed at the description Sawyer gave her of the ballet he’d seen. It seemed pretty accurate, honestly. It was a lot of hard work, and maybe that way why Ayla hadn’t stuck with it, she had... more
              • Don't You Forget About MeSawyer, Sun Oct 16 00:40
                “My dad doesn’t really get too involved with the restaurant besides financial and, of course, eating there. My dad is a pastor for our church,” Sawyer explained. “So, everyone pretty much knows me... more
                • ImpossibleAyla, Mon Oct 17 12:48
                  Ayla’s brow furrowed slightly as Sawyer described his father’s profession. She wasn’t completely sure what all being a pastor entailed, really. The Tremaine’s didn’t subscribe to any organized... more
                  • I'll Stand by YouSawyer, Thu Oct 20 20:24
                    Sawyer couldn’t help laughing at the fish description Ayla gave. “I don’t really think that I want to be that big of a fish. Maybe a koi will do.” He wanted to get to know his classmates and the... more
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