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Good Morning!
Mon Oct 10, 2016 18:54

When Sawyer had come up, he hadn’t quite expected his roommate to already be asleep, but he supposed it was understandable. The day had been rather eventful, especially after a long ride in a wagon. At least, his had been long. He wasn’t sure where the other boy was from. For all Sawyer knew, they could have been on the same wagon, but then, it had been rather full.

As soon as he realized that the other boy was asleep, Sawyer had tried to make as little noise as possible, though it was impossible to make none. The trunk had squeaked a bit as he had pulled out his own pajamas and being him, he had bumped his knee on the blasted thing while trying to put the clothing on. Finally, when all was said and done, he had made it into the bed, which he found was quite comfortable.

Lying in bed, he had allowed his mind to think about the day. He had met some nice people and he was hopeful they would continue a friendship. Thinking about this, he had gradually drifted to sleep.

In the morning, he woke up with a pillow over his head and half the blanket on the floor. Well, that was awkward. Rubbing at his eyes, he opened one to peer over at the other boy. A good yawn later, he opened both eyes. “Morning. Glad to meet you, Kir. I’m Sawyer. Last night was quite something, wasn’t it? I’ve never seen such a Feast like that one was. And the Professor doing that jig? Too bad you didn’t stay though, you could have met Ayla. She’s in our House and really nice.”

  • The morning after (tag Sawyer)Kir McLeod, Sun Oct 9 07:16
    Kir was about ready to drop. He’d fallen asleep for a little bit on the wagon, the gentle motion making it almost inevitable, but it wasn’t the most restful sleep, and it had been a long, exciting,... more
    • Good Morning! — Sawyer, Mon Oct 10 18:54
      • Making up for lost timeKir, Sun Oct 16 01:11
        Sawyer seemed chirpy and friendly, no mean feat given that he’d literally just woken up, and Kir was forced to smile as his room-mate chattered away. “Nice to meet you. Yeah, the whole day was really ... more
        • This is the TimeSawyer, Tue Nov 1 23:31
          “Oh, there was this green stuff that was pretty good. I forget what it was called, but it was amazing.” He really wished that he had remembered, but he figured that he had an entire year to find out... more
          • HurrahKir, Wed Nov 2 05:41
            “You’ll have to point that out to me next time you see it,” he smiled, as Sawyer said he’d eaten some ‘green stuff.’ As descriptions went, he didn’t think it was an especially solid basis off which... more
            • On and OnSawyer, Thu Nov 3 20:58
              “Oh, definitely,” Sawyer reassured the other boy to the green dish. It was definitely worth trying in his opinion. Though, he was sure there would be lots of other things to try as well. Being a... more
              • And to breakfastKir, Sun Nov 13 22:45
                “That’s really good,” Kir smiled, when Sawyer said his family did charity stuff like food banks. “The world needs as many people as possible who are willing to help each other out. “Mostly… I mean,... more
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