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I'm glad we're in this together.
Wed Oct 12, 2016 01:04

There was that smile again. Ayla always had a feeling that when she got to school one of her favorite things was going to be being around boys that weren't her brothers. Granted, at nearly 12, she wasn't expecting to find a boyfriend right away (or even for a few years), but it was awfully fun to think about. And offhand, Sawyer was pretty cute.

“I was expecting a password, not a dance. Thankfully I've had a little training in ballet, so hopefully I'll manage. I feel bad for Professor Xavier though, having to do the jig for each new year. He definitely has confidence.” She added with a smile, trying her best not to laugh again.

She couldn't stop herself from laughing when Sawyer explained about his mom's cooking and said he could go for dessert only seconds after saying he'd eaten too much at the feast. It seemed very typical of a boy his age. He was right though, blackberry cobbler did sound pretty good.

“Your family owns a restaurant? How interesting! Where are you located?” The Tremaine family were involved in magical law, which was pretty boring for the 11 year-old. Her mom never cooked either, they had house elves for that, so that piqued her interest also. “Does your mother cook at the restaurant?”

Ayla felt a jolt in her heart when Sawyer suggested that they go down to breakfast together. She knew it was innocent offer by the way he finished up his statement, but it still was a little thrilling. No boy had ever offered to walk her to breakfast before, so this sort of thing was going to take some getting used to.

“That sounds lovely!” She said with a grin, her green eyes sparkling in the light of the common room. “I'm not sure how great my map reading skills are, so I'll be happy for the company.” She wondered if they were required to sit at their house tables during meals. She wouldn't mind sitting and eating with Sawyer, but she was eager to catch up with Kit as well. She wondered how things were going for the other girl and all her roommates.

Ayla nodded as Sawyer described his previous magical education. “We had a lot of theory classes too. By we, I mean my brother Milo and I. He's 10. It'll be nice to finally get to use my wand for the first time. Care of Magical creatures should be fun though!” As she said the word creatures, she remembered that she had one up in her dorm waiting for her. She wanted to run upstairs and get her cat, but she knew the feast would be over soon, and the common room would be flooded with older students. For now it was probably best that Albus stay in her dormitory.

“I'm also looking forward to all the different clubs and groups. I hope the list Professor Xavier gave us isn't the complete one. I'll be sad if there is nothing of a musical nature.”

  • You too!Sawyer, Mon Oct 10 18:37
    Sawyer was glad when someone joined him. He grinned at the girl who introduced herself as Ayla Tremaine from Palo Alto. “Nice to meet you too. Yeah, I know what you mean. It is a little... more
    • I'm glad we're in this together. — Ayla, Wed Oct 12 01:04
      • I'll Stand By YouSawyer, Thu Oct 13 19:31
        “Ballet? Yeah? My mom made us go to one. All the girls looked like they were dancing around on their tiptoes and the guys did abnormal jumps. I swear they must have been Wizards, but my mom told me... more
        • And sit by me at breakfast! Ayla, Sat Oct 15 14:11
          Ayla laughed at the description Sawyer gave her of the ballet he’d seen. It seemed pretty accurate, honestly. It was a lot of hard work, and maybe that way why Ayla hadn’t stuck with it, she had... more
          • Don't You Forget About MeSawyer, Sun Oct 16 00:40
            “My dad doesn’t really get too involved with the restaurant besides financial and, of course, eating there. My dad is a pastor for our church,” Sawyer explained. “So, everyone pretty much knows me... more
            • ImpossibleAyla, Mon Oct 17 12:48
              Ayla’s brow furrowed slightly as Sawyer described his father’s profession. She wasn’t completely sure what all being a pastor entailed, really. The Tremaine’s didn’t subscribe to any organized... more
              • I'll Stand by YouSawyer, Thu Oct 20 20:24
                Sawyer couldn’t help laughing at the fish description Ayla gave. “I don’t really think that I want to be that big of a fish. Maybe a koi will do.” He wanted to get to know his classmates and the... more
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