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And sit by me at breakfast!
Sat Oct 15, 2016 14:11

Ayla laughed at the description Sawyer gave her of the ballet he’d seen. It seemed pretty accurate, honestly. It was a lot of hard work, and maybe that way why Ayla hadn’t stuck with it, she had other things she liked to do and a dance schedule was more demanding than she appreciated. She was going to explain that the girls were wearing special shoes that let them dance that way, but no one liked a know-it-all.

“Yeah, my parents have always been great about letting us try things we’re interested in. Plus ballet helps with posture and poise. Or so mom said. It really wasn’t my thing, after all, but I’m glad I gave it a try. I take it it wasn’t your style either, if you’ve only been to one?” From her experience, it took a special kind of guy to actually be interested in ballet, her brother wasn’t one of those either. Mother was very involved in all sorts of organizations back home, and often went to the ballet. When they were younger, she insisted they go with her for the cultural enrichment. However, this was back before Milo became so incorrigible.

“Your restaurant sounds amazing!” She said with a dimpled grin. “Where I’m from in California, we’re right by the San Francisco Bay, so fresh seafood is never in short supply. That’s really nice that your mom gets to have a hand in the menu, but doesn’t have to do all the cooking. Is your dad involved in the restaurant too?” Ayla was already mentally planning a trip to the East Coast, as long as she could get her parents to agree, she didn’t see why they couldn’t visit Kit’s family in Connecticut and then go to Massachusetts and go to Sawyer’s restaurant. Afterall, the two places seemed so close together.

Ayla pulled her attention away from her imaginary adventure and back to Sawyer as he asked what her family did. In her opinion, her family business wasn’t nearly as fun as having a restaurant. “My Dad is a civil litigation trial lawyer. It’s kind of a family business. My grandpa is a lawyer too, and my great grandpa, thought he is retired, was a lawyer, so he just oversees things. My uncle Roland is a criminal prosecutor up north, and yeah...we’re a law family.” She shrugged. “My mom doesn’t work, she is kind of the face of the family though, so she’s always having lunch with this committee, or going to a gala for that group. I have busy parents.” While that was true, Ayla never really felt like they weren’t available for her, or that she wasn’t loved.

“Yes!” The girl said excitedly when asked if she’d met anyone else yet. “I had a chance to speak with our housemate Gwen during the feast. She’s from Colorado, and really nice. She has cousins here too. And then there is Kit Reid, she’s great too, and from Connecticut. How about you?” She left out the part about both of the other girls being purebloods. Usually the only people who cared about that sort of thing were other people of the same status, and since she didn’t know about Sawyer’s lineage, she didn’t want to bring it up and seem rude. Blood purity was a weird thing to talk about, but her parents thought it was important. Ayla, wasn’t so sure of it herself.

“I’m glad the school is a bit on the smaller side as well, it’ll make for more personal relationships, I think. I’d be so nice to get to know everyone, I mean, obviously we’re all spread out across the country, it’d be nice to have those connections.” As she said that last part, she couldn’t help but think she sounded a lot like her mother. It wasn’t untrue, but she liked the idea of being friends with lots of different types of people, not just ones that might be beneficial down the road.

“I have unicorn hair too! Mine is elm though.” She didn’t know a whole lot about the details of what makes a wand good, or what the specific elements mean, but she thought hers was pretty enough, and it felt good in her hand. “I’m sure it’s a good wand, if it picked you.” Ayla added with a smile.

“Only one sister? That must be nice. I have two of each. Milo, my brother, will be here next term. Assuming he doesn’t turn out to be a squib, which would honestly be hilarious and horrible at the same time.” Luckily Magnus Tremaine V had a second son in Ayla’s youngest brother Declan, but it would still be funny if Magnus VI, better known as Milo, turned out not to have magic. A squib for an heir would be the worst kind of insult nature could throw at a pure blooded family like the Tremaines. Milo had already shown a few signs though, so there really wasn’t much need for concern, but it was still funny to think about.

Had it not been getting late in the evening, Ayla might have insisted that Sawyer retrieve his guitar and play something. She played the piano, which she loved well enough, but singing was her favorite. “Isn’t it though? That’s really cool that you play guitar. What else do you think you’d like to try?” She asked, leaning toward him in her chair a little. “I’ve been playing piano since I was 4, and singing since...well, I could talk I guess. I’ve been taking voice lessons for a few years though. Do you sing too?” She asked, trying to imagine what Sawyer would look like with a guitar across his knee.

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