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Don't You Forget About Me
Sun Oct 16, 2016 00:40

“My dad doesn’t really get too involved with the restaurant besides financial and, of course, eating there. My dad is a pastor for our church,” Sawyer explained. “So, everyone pretty much knows me and my family back home. It’s a bit strange having to start somewhere new.”

“Oh, wow,” Sawyer stated slowly. “That’s an impressive family line. I can’t imagine having so many lawyers in one family. I guess it would be pretty hard to win an argument,” he joked. But he was serious about it being an impressive family. It was also good, because lawyers were generally people that fought for justice, for the good. “Do you think you’ll become a lawyer?” It was probably a difficult question, but sometimes, your path was clear. He knew that he wanted to pursue music even if he didn’t know exactly what he wanted to do with it.

Sawyer nodded. “I met Flo. She was sorted into Aladren so I’m guessing she’s pretty smart. Academically, at least,” he said with a smile. He didn’t want to imply in any way that Ayla wasn’t smart. It was simply Aladren was known for being academically gifted. “I think everyone is smart in their own way though.” He really did believe that. It was just that a lot of people placed that intelligence on academics.

His face suddenly felt hot and he ducked his head a bit to allow his hair to hide the fact. He had never really been complimented by a girl outside of his family. Lacey Bittleman didn’t count since she had followed him around since the second grade when he had made the mistake of pulling her braid, which somehow signaled that they were some sort of ‘couple.’ But in reality, it was completely one-sided.

“Yeah. She’s enough though. Jenna’s a bit of a handful,” Sawyer replied. “I think it would be nice to have a brother.” He loved his sister, but he couldn’t relate to her at all. She didn’t like the outdoors or playing sports or anything that he really liked. If he had a brother, he could teach him all the things that he knew. “Well, if he did end up being a squib, it wouldn’t be the worse thing,” Sawyer said diplomatically. “It would just mean that something else was planned for him.”

Sawyer found himself moving closer to Ayla in his excitement over a fellow music lover. “Singing is great. I’m part of my church’s choir. I love making music any way I can. I think it’s amazing that you sing and play the piano. I’d like to learn the piano as well as drums, the flute, pretty much anything. What type of music do you usually play? Maybe we could try playing together sometime? I haven’t really tried working with someone else.”

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    • Don't You Forget About Me — Sawyer, Sun Oct 16 00:40
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