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Mon Oct 17, 2016 12:48

Ayla’s brow furrowed slightly as Sawyer described his father’s profession. She wasn’t completely sure what all being a pastor entailed, really. The Tremaine’s didn’t subscribe to any organized religion, but definitely believed in a higher power. She’d never gone to church, or cracked open a bible, so she didn’t really understand the entire institution. She was struggling with something to say on the topic, as she didn’t want to say the wrong thing or come off as completely ignorant, so she was glad when he also mentioned how odd it was to have to start fresh.

“Oh how interesting!” She settled on just vaguely addressing it. It seemed like the safest bet. “I’m sure it is weird going from being a big fish in a little pond to, well, a first year in a school across the country. Thankfully this pond isn’t too big, and who knows, if you eat enough, maybe you’ll be a big fish here too in time.” She said with a shrug. It was kind of a weird analogy, but she went with it anyway. She knew her family name didn’t pack as much of a punch here either, but that just meant it was up to her to represent them. That’s what her parents had told her anyway. That was the main reason why she’d gone out of her way to make sure she’d already talked to two other people today. She was the face of her family here, and she planned to be as friendly and social as possible. The worst thing in the world would be for someone to think ill of her family because of something she’d done. Plus, Milo was coming next term, and she couldn’t trust him to help her build her family’s reputation amongst her classmates. It was kind of a lot to put on an 11 year-old, but Ayla took her responsibilities very seriously.

She laughed at Sawyer’s comments about her family. She’d never really considered them impressive, they were just her family, but she supposed they might be. It wasn’t particularly easy to do that they did, and it took a lot of time and practice to be successful in their fields. He pegged them as far as arguments went though. That was part of the reason Uncle Roland had moved north to Redding, California. It was a smaller town, but he liked having distance between himself and his older brother. “You have no idea.” Ayla started with a smile. “Big family holidays are the worst.”

Ayla wrinkled her nose when he asked if she thought she’d be a lawyer in the future. “No way.” She replied. “I don’t know that I’d like to marry one either. My dad is always at the office, or in court, I want someone who will actually be home each night in time for dinner. My brother is expected to follow in our father’s footsteps though.” She left out the part about how she didn’t plan on having a career at all. Society girls were expected to raise children and be homemakers. Some would be involved in different charities and organizations, but social obligations were the priority over having a job.

A frown threatened to form on the Teppenpaw’s full lips when her housemate mentioned “Flo” and that she must be smart. So she wasn’t wrong in thinking that everyone would assume that the Aladren girls were smarter than she was after all. His follow up comment made her feel a little bit better, but she couldn’t help feeling like she needed to prove herself somehow. She pushed the thought aside for now though, she was sure Sawyer didn’t really mean anything by it, and she wasn’t going to let it ruin their conversation.

“I have a sister like that too, and it makes for a great big headache when you combine her with Milo.” Ayla said with a sympathetic groan. Milo had always been a thorn in her side, and then Olenna came along, and she was almost exactly the same. It didn’t help that Lenn basically worshiped Milo. Ayla was just sure that her parents were playing a cruel joke on her with them. She’d been eager to please them, and strictly stuck to their rules, and then they gave her two rambunctious siblings. Ayla craved a close relationship with her sister, one like she’d read about and saw in her cousins, but she just didn’t have anything in common with Lenn outside of not loving ballet and thinking Uncle Roland smelled like corn. She’d been ecstatic when her parents blessed her with Aurelia though. Even though she was only four, she was already polite and ladylike, just like her oldest sister.

“Do you think your parents will have any more kids?” She asked, thought it was probably not the most appropriate of questions. She knew it wasn’t uncommon for parents to stop once they’ve had one of each gender, but maybe there was a chance Sawyer could have a brother. She wasn’t even sure he own parents were finished procreating. She shuddered a little at the thought of more siblings.

The Teppenpaw girl nodded in agreement that being a squib wasn’t the worst thing ever. She knew he was right, but the last thing her family needed was for someone to reject her because of questionable genes.

“That’s so cool!” Ayla exclaimed when Sawyer revealed he was in choir and also liked singing. “Thanks, I think it’s great that you’re so open to learning new instruments. I should expand my horizons too. Maybe I could play guitar too! Ooo! Or ukulele, because they are adorable. I usually play classical on the piano, but I am branching out. I do some jazz now, and my instructor has let me dabble a little in muggle pop music. My parents don’t know that part, but music in an international language! Why limit yourself, right?!” Ayla pursed her lips together to stop herself from bubbling over any further, but she couldn’t help it. She’d never met anyone outside of her instructor who liked music as much as she did. At least openly anyhow.

“Yes! Please! I’d love to make music with you!” She gushed. “I haven’t really either, aside from during lessons, but that’s different, you know? Oh, Sawyer, I’m so happy to have met you!”

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