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Gabriel Valenti
No Surprises Here
Mon Oct 17, 2016 21:35

Two whole days had gone by since Gabe had returned to Sonora for his third year, and still nothing. Needless to say, he was worried. There was no sign of the Teppenpaw Quidditch team sign ups. He knew they had lost last year, but surely that couldn’t mean the end of the team? Or maybe Quidditch was only held every other year, and they were going to have another series of Challenges again? Sure, the Challenges were alright, and it was cool to meet kids from other classes and Houses. But completing puzzles and wandwork wasn’t the same as sports or flying. Sure, he still had Sports Club, but that was more of an intramural thing. It was fun, but the third year enjoyed the more serious, formal competition as well. He enjoyed the formal practices, and he enjoyed getting to hang out with his team.

Luckily, his cousin was in Aladren, and she assured him that Quidditch was still on the schedule. That made him feel a little better, but it was nothing like the wave of relief when finally he spotted the Teppenpaw sign ups in his common room. It wasn’t flashy or anything, like the nearby Spirit Club poster was. But he didn’t mind. Quidditch was back for certain, and that was all that mattered.

Tossing his backpack on a nearby couch, he began to fumble through his things until finally he swiped a pen. Punching it triumphantly into the air, he scrambled over to the poster and signed his name. Eyebrows furrowed as he tried very carefully to write in his very best and most legible penmanship.

Gabriel Valenti, 3rd Year, Chaser, but it would be cool to learn Seeker from Jake too!
PS - Congrats on Head Boy, dude!

Pleased with his work, he capped the pen and tossed it back into his bag. He hoped Nat and Joe wouldn’t mind that he had put that he was interested in learning to Seek, too. It was so much fun Chasing with two of his closest Sonoran friends, but Seeking was something he had always been interested in learning. Plus, Jake was super experienced, and a seventh year now, so this would be Gabe’s last chance to get any training from someone who had played the position. Grabbing his bag and heading off to breakfast, he knew he would not throw away his shot.

  • Quidditch Team Sign-up SheetGinger Pierce, Mon Oct 17 20:39
    Teppenpaw's sign up sheet was the last to go up. There had been a miscommunication between Ginger and Liac about who was doing it and both of them thought the other was taking care of it this time... more
    • All about itNat Varth, Wed Oct 19 17:48
      Despite her natural take-action tendencies, Nat was capable of exercising patience if and when it was necessary. Waiting for Quidditch sign ups was hard but after rationalizing that Liac and Ginger... more
    • This is the most Teppenpaw paper ever to exist.Joe Umland, Wed Oct 19 10:36
      Somehow, Joe knew before he ever got close enough to read it that Ginger was the one who had put up the Quidditch sign-up sheet. He suspected this was less a sign that he should take Divination than... more
    • Me, too!Jake Manger, Tue Oct 18 22:38
      Jake had spent enough summers and midterms in correspondence with his friend Ginger (and now one summer in correspondence with his girlfriend Ginger) to recognize her handwriting when the Quidditch... more
    • No Surprises Here — Gabriel Valenti, Mon Oct 17 21:35
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