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Jake Manger
Me, too!
Tue Oct 18, 2016 22:38

Jake had spent enough summers and midterms in correspondence with his friend Ginger (and now one summer in correspondence with his girlfriend Ginger) to recognize her handwriting when the Quidditch sign-ups were posted. It was a little bit later than usual, but he paid no mind to that, nor did he think to wonder about why Liac hadn’t done it himself. Their partnership seemed to be more like equals than Captain and Assistant, really, so it wasn’t his place to wonder anyway.

When the seventh year found it, there was only one name on the list so far besides Ginger’s, and that was Gabe’s. He caught his name scribbled in there somewhere, though, and was pulled to the little message Gabe had added. Would love to, he penned next to Gabe’s position request. And thanks!

Farther below, he wrote his own name and sign-up: Jake Manger, seventh year, Seeker.

It was hard to believe that was what he was writing, seventh year. How had he gotten so old already? Jake still vividly remembered his first tryout, when he was a tiny first year and his cousin Marcus, a seventh year himself, had dragged him along in the name of House unity or.. something. He was still kinda unsure how any of that had happened, but somehow, getting tricked into sitting the bench (when they’d ended up with more than enough people) as an eleven year old had turned into a school career with the yellow team. Regardless of how it happened, Jake was very, very glad it happened, if nothing else than for all the great friendships (and one more-than-friendship) he had made along the way.

  • Quidditch Team Sign-up SheetGinger Pierce, Mon Oct 17 20:39
    Teppenpaw's sign up sheet was the last to go up. There had been a miscommunication between Ginger and Liac about who was doing it and both of them thought the other was taking care of it this time... more
    • All about itNat Varth, Wed Oct 19 17:48
      Despite her natural take-action tendencies, Nat was capable of exercising patience if and when it was necessary. Waiting for Quidditch sign ups was hard but after rationalizing that Liac and Ginger... more
    • This is the most Teppenpaw paper ever to exist.Joe Umland, Wed Oct 19 10:36
      Somehow, Joe knew before he ever got close enough to read it that Ginger was the one who had put up the Quidditch sign-up sheet. He suspected this was less a sign that he should take Divination than... more
    • Me, too! — Jake Manger, Tue Oct 18 22:38
    • No Surprises HereGabriel Valenti, Mon Oct 17 21:35
      Two whole days had gone by since Gabe had returned to Sonora for his third year, and still nothing. Needless to say, he was worried. There was no sign of the Teppenpaw Quidditch team sign ups. He... more
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