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Joe Umland
This is the most Teppenpaw paper ever to exist.
Wed Oct 19, 2016 10:36

Somehow, Joe knew before he ever got close enough to read it that Ginger was the one who had put up the Quidditch sign-up sheet. He suspected this was less a sign that he should take Divination than something to do with the glitter on said sign-up sheet. This was Teppenpaw, so a guy breaking out the glitter (or asking a sister or friend to do it) wasn’t out of the question, but somehow, it just seemed like more of a Ginger than a Liac thing to do.

Thanks to his brother, Joe was the third after the Assistant Captain to reach the board, which he guessed made him either the fifth or sixth, depending on whether or not Tobi’s spot was automatically guaranteed as well by virtue of his relationship with Liac, member of the team. Those were good numbers for a sheet he was sure hadn’t been up very long. Maybe this year, they’d even win a game….

Gabe’s sign-up made him wonder for a moment about what happened next year – if Gabe became Seeker, who would their new third Chaser be? He and Gabe and Nat kind of had a rhythm, he thought, which worked well, but it was true that they needed a Seeker to have a chance of winning anything and it would be better if someone else was ready in the wings when Jake left – but not too much. He also briefly contemplated scribbling further congratulations to Jake on the page just in the name of making this the most Teppenpaw sheet of paper ever, between the glitter and Gabe and Jake’s existing notes, to exist, but figured the Seeker was unlikely to return to the list now that he had signed up and so just added his own name - Joe Umland, 3rd, Chaser - and moved along.

  • Quidditch Team Sign-up SheetGinger Pierce, Mon Oct 17 20:39
    Teppenpaw's sign up sheet was the last to go up. There had been a miscommunication between Ginger and Liac about who was doing it and both of them thought the other was taking care of it this time... more
    • All about itNat Varth, Wed Oct 19 17:48
      Despite her natural take-action tendencies, Nat was capable of exercising patience if and when it was necessary. Waiting for Quidditch sign ups was hard but after rationalizing that Liac and Ginger... more
    • This is the most Teppenpaw paper ever to exist. — Joe Umland, Wed Oct 19 10:36
    • Me, too!Jake Manger, Tue Oct 18 22:38
      Jake had spent enough summers and midterms in correspondence with his friend Ginger (and now one summer in correspondence with his girlfriend Ginger) to recognize her handwriting when the Quidditch... more
    • No Surprises HereGabriel Valenti, Mon Oct 17 21:35
      Two whole days had gone by since Gabe had returned to Sonora for his third year, and still nothing. Needless to say, he was worried. There was no sign of the Teppenpaw Quidditch team sign ups. He... more
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