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Nat Varth
All about it
Wed Oct 19, 2016 17:48

Despite her natural take-action tendencies, Nat was capable of exercising patience if and when it was necessary. Waiting for Quidditch sign ups was hard but after rationalizing that Liac and Ginger almost definitely had a lot on their dockets she found herself perfectly capable. Though she looked for it whenever she walked through the common room she didnít ruminate on when it would go up. It would be there. More importantly the pitch was there already and she didnít have to have her name on any signup sheet to use it.

When it was posted she was not the first to see it. She was happy to see her fellow year mates/friends/chasersí names written, and excited to see Jakeís note to Gabe. Sheíd have to ask if he looked at it again and saw the Seekerís response. She recalled Gabeís interest in the position dating back to when they werenít yet on the team. At the time she thought she might fancy being a keeper but after playing Chaser with Joe and Gabe, even Ari over the summer, the love of chasing was more definite then she expected. Though pick up games included an element of keeping, and she enjoyed it, during a full on game she could no longer see herself hanging around the hoops. She loved being in the belly of the game. The team work, the racing, the passing. Dodging bludgers wasnít a point for chasing but did nothing to diminish it either.

Though thoroughly pleased for her friend, she didnít think twice about how she would sign her name.
Nat Varth, 3rd Year, Chaser

  • Quidditch Team Sign-up SheetGinger Pierce, Mon Oct 17 20:39
    Teppenpaw's sign up sheet was the last to go up. There had been a miscommunication between Ginger and Liac about who was doing it and both of them thought the other was taking care of it this time... more
    • All about it — Nat Varth, Wed Oct 19 17:48
    • This is the most Teppenpaw paper ever to exist.Joe Umland, Wed Oct 19 10:36
      Somehow, Joe knew before he ever got close enough to read it that Ginger was the one who had put up the Quidditch sign-up sheet. He suspected this was less a sign that he should take Divination than... more
    • Me, too!Jake Manger, Tue Oct 18 22:38
      Jake had spent enough summers and midterms in correspondence with his friend Ginger (and now one summer in correspondence with his girlfriend Ginger) to recognize her handwriting when the Quidditch... more
    • No Surprises HereGabriel Valenti, Mon Oct 17 21:35
      Two whole days had gone by since Gabe had returned to Sonora for his third year, and still nothing. Needless to say, he was worried. There was no sign of the Teppenpaw Quidditch team sign ups. He... more
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