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This is the Time
Tue Nov 1, 2016 23:31

“Oh, there was this green stuff that was pretty good. I forget what it was called, but it was amazing.” He really wished that he had remembered, but he figured that he had an entire year to find out what it was called again. “Maybe I’ll be able to have it again tonight. I might try the beef pie too since I didn’t have any last night.” One of the best parts of school so far was the food. The restaurant had an amazing menu, but the dishes were more coastline based than anything else. He was enjoying being able to taste things that he didn’t really get to have back home.

“Um…” Sawyer wasn’t sure if he should say that he did or didn’t know the steps. If he admitted to knowing the steps, then he might be asked to repeat the steps, which would not be a good idea since he felt like he would make a fool of himself. However, if he didn’t, then he would be lying and that was just not who he was. “Yeah, I remember the steps. They seemed pretty easy, but I think it would be best to have someone older show us the steps.” That seemed like the best sort of compromise. He didn’t lie, but it also meant that he didn’t have to try the steps in front of anyone.

Sawyer yawned slightly. He felt like he had overslept even though he hadn’t really. It was more of a matter that he had gone to bed later and therefore woken up later than he normally did. He was definitely a morning person though and was ready to get his day going. Getting out of bed, he started making his bed. He wasn’t sure if the elves here also did things like make beds, but he had been taught to do those things for himself. “I’m from Massachusetts. My family is small. It’s my parents and my sister, Jenna. I have family in Tennessee too. My aunt, uncle, and grandparents all live there.” He wished that he got to see them, especially his grandparents more.

“Jenna will be coming here in a couple of years. So, you’ll get to meet her unless you visit us sometime over vacation.” It may have seemed a bit early to extend such an invitation, but Sawyer’s family believed in an open door policy. “My parents own a restaurant, but my mom is the one that manages it. My dad works more for our church. He’s the pastor. What about you? Family? Siblings?” He glanced over with a smile to show he was genuinely interested in what he had to say.

  • Making up for lost timeKir, Sun Oct 16 01:11
    Sawyer seemed chirpy and friendly, no mean feat given that he’d literally just woken up, and Kir was forced to smile as his room-mate chattered away. “Nice to meet you. Yeah, the whole day was really ... more
    • This is the Time — Sawyer, Tue Nov 1 23:31
      • HurrahKir, Wed Nov 2 05:41
        “You’ll have to point that out to me next time you see it,” he smiled, as Sawyer said he’d eaten some ‘green stuff.’ As descriptions went, he didn’t think it was an especially solid basis off which... more
        • On and OnSawyer, Thu Nov 3 20:58
          “Oh, definitely,” Sawyer reassured the other boy to the green dish. It was definitely worth trying in his opinion. Though, he was sure there would be lots of other things to try as well. Being a... more
          • And to breakfastKir, Sun Nov 13 22:45
            “That’s really good,” Kir smiled, when Sawyer said his family did charity stuff like food banks. “The world needs as many people as possible who are willing to help each other out. “Mostly… I mean,... more
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