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Wed Nov 2, 2016 05:41

“You’ll have to point that out to me next time you see it,” he smiled, as Sawyer said he’d eaten some ‘green stuff.’ As descriptions went, he didn’t think it was an especially solid basis off which to explore, although the thought of tasting a variety of dishes wasn’t exactly unappealing. He expected that most of what Sonora had to offer was good. Still, he would like to know when he tried Sawyer’s particular green stuff, just because it was nice to know.

“Ok, sounds like a plan,” Kir nodded, as Sawyer said he knew the steps but it might be better to get someone older to show them how to do it properly. He guessed that recreating a jig that one had only learnt last night, in front of someone one had only met that morning, wasn’t really something everyone wanted to do, especially when they’d only just woken up. It was useful to know that if he at least stuck with Sawyer for breakfast, he wouldn’t end up locked out, even if they couldn’t find an older student, but he wasn’t going to make him dance if he didn’t feel like it right now.

As Sawyer got up, he followed suit. The main reason he’d stayed in bed this long was because he didn’t want to disturb the other boy, and that was no longer an issue. He began making his bed as well whilst they talked.

“That sounds really cool,” he grinned, when Saywer said his family ran a restaurant. He also smiled as Sawyer talked already about the possibility of him coming over the summer. It wasn’t exactly an invitation yet, but the default assumption that they would be friends was nice. He found himself glad he had been sorted into Teppenpaw. He might have some tricky conversations in the future, some people who were at odds with him, but it seemed like his room was going to be a comfortable sort of place to be.

“Little sister too, Nessa,” he commented, when Sawyer asked about his family. “At home it’s us and my parents. My aunt, dad’s sister, and her wife live near us. They’re the only family on my dad’s side. I have more relatives through my mum. We see our grandparents quite a lot but not so much of the others..” He wondered whether that made his family sound strange, or whether it just did to him because he knew there was a Deep Dark Secret at the centre of why his dad’s side of the family was so small. He’d heard Muggles didn’t live as long as wizards, so maybe if Sawyer assumed his grandparents on his dad’s side were Muggles (a thought which amused him) he might just assume they were dead by now, and then there wouldn’t really be anything odd about the situation.

“My family’s mostly involved in running a charity,” he added, as Saywer had explained what his parents did. And because he figured Sawyer’s next question would be inevitable, he pre-empted it. “It does a lot of things, but one of the main focuses is helping disowned Purebloods get back on their feet.” He wondered if his room-mate would join the dots to the lack of paternal relatives once he had that bit of the puzzle… It didn’t matter. Kir was pretty proud of who he was, and he didn’t like feeling like it was a shameful secret, which avoiding the subject always made him feel. He knew that it wasn’t it was just… complicated, and sometimes a heavy topic, and that made it not worth opening up with everyone. But Sawyer was going to live with him for the next seven years. Sawyer was going to find all this out eventually. At least, if he found it out by them talking about it, Kir would know his reaction.

  • This is the TimeSawyer, Tue Nov 1 23:31
    “Oh, there was this green stuff that was pretty good. I forget what it was called, but it was amazing.” He really wished that he had remembered, but he figured that he had an entire year to find out... more
    • Hurrah — Kir, Wed Nov 2 05:41
      • On and OnSawyer, Thu Nov 3 20:58
        “Oh, definitely,” Sawyer reassured the other boy to the green dish. It was definitely worth trying in his opinion. Though, he was sure there would be lots of other things to try as well. Being a... more
        • And to breakfastKir, Sun Nov 13 22:45
          “That’s really good,” Kir smiled, when Sawyer said his family did charity stuff like food banks. “The world needs as many people as possible who are willing to help each other out. “Mostly… I mean,... more
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