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On and On
Thu Nov 3, 2016 20:58

“Oh, definitely,” Sawyer reassured the other boy to the green dish. It was definitely worth trying in his opinion. Though, he was sure there would be lots of other things to try as well. Being a growing boy, he had a healthy appetite and didn’t hesitate to try whatever was put in front of him. Thinking about food, he started thinking about breakfast, “I can’t wait to see what’s for breakfast. I hope they have sausage.” He was also thinking about eggs, toast, juice, maybe some fruit. Just the thought had his stomach growling.

Sawyer breathed a sigh of relief that he wouldn’t be required to perform the jig in front of anyone. It would be embarrassing enough to have to try and do the steps on his own. He could just see himself falling on his bottom while sidestepping. There were times when he was willing to laugh at himself. Dancing was just not one of those times. It played on his insecurity about his awkwardness.

Sawyer paused and tilted his head slightly. Her wife? Had he heard that correctly? He wasn’t sure if he should ask or pretend that he hadn’t heard that. He wasn’t even sure what he thought about it. He had heard of people that liked their own gender, but had never given it any more thought than that. He didn’t even know anyone that was. Was that something that was even allowed? He decided he would get advice from his father as to how to approach such situations.

“That’s awesome,” Sawyer stated, meaning it. “My family does charity work too. Not like yours though. Ours is a little more traditional like helping at the food bank. Is it specifically just purebloods? And what would they be getting disowned from?” Sawyer was a little innocent when it came to the larger Pureblood world at hand. He was fortunate enough to live a simpler life.

  • HurrahKir, Wed Nov 2 05:41
    “You’ll have to point that out to me next time you see it,” he smiled, as Sawyer said he’d eaten some ‘green stuff.’ As descriptions went, he didn’t think it was an especially solid basis off which... more
    • On and On — Sawyer, Thu Nov 3 20:58
      • And to breakfastKir, Sun Nov 13 22:45
        “That’s really good,” Kir smiled, when Sawyer said his family did charity stuff like food banks. “The world needs as many people as possible who are willing to help each other out. “Mostly… I mean,... more
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