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Aiden O'Neil
It was all just a dream (NANO)
Tue Nov 15, 2016 20:48

Aiden had just left Savannah, a happy grin on his face. He was pretty lucky that he had such a great girlfriend like her at his side. She had been his friend first of course, but it was more special now. He still couldn’t believe that it had happened, that he and Savannah had gone from friends to, well, more than friends. He thought that his Advance years at Sonora were going to be the best. Especially if they had moments like that one with Savannah in it.

He was on cloud nine as he walked through the halls of Sonora with a pleased smile on his face. Yeah, it was a pretty good day. Aiden was on his way to Cascade Hall when a figure came between him and the rest of the hall way. He hadn’t even noticed anyone else around. Startled, Aiden glanced at the face of the person in his way, intending to ask him to step aside, when he found himself staring into the face of Mortimer Brockert.

“I know what you’re doing!” Aiden heard the Headmaster hiss at him. His heart dropped to the floor while his stomach jumped into his throat. He was going to be expelled, he just knew it! “I know what you did with her! I have eyes and hears everywhere! I see what you do with her!” The Headmaster angrily spat at him. Aiden was rendered speechless. He was terrified that if he tried to speak up now, he’d be hexed into his next life. The way the Headmaster’s face twisted into rage was the most terrifying thing Aiden had ever seen before. The more the Headmaster ranted and raved to Aiden, the larger he became until his head and shoulders were forced to bend forward as they pushed against the ceiling. Aiden could no longer see around him to the other half of the corridor.

He screamed at Aiden about his improprieties with Savannah and how Aiden had ruined her image for his lack of respect and control. Aiden tried to explain himself, tried to beg for forgiveness, but Headmaster Brockert only continued to grow while his face grew from red to purple in disgust at Aiden. And then, suddenly he a balloon and fell into a million rubber pieces all around him.

Aiden panicked. Oh Holy Hell was he going to be in trouble for upsetting the Headmaster so much that he killed him! What should he do? What should he do? Aiden heard voices coming and so he fled quickly away from the scene but as he rounded the corner, instead of floor, Aiden found air and he fell, he yelled as he saw the ground coming up fast beneath him. This was it. This was how he died.

Aiden jolted awake when his dream self found the ground. He was covered in sweat and breathing heavily. “What a nightmare.” He muttered to himself as he laid back down onto his bed. He didn’t think the Headmaster actually knew anything that was going on between him and Savannah, but just to be safe, maybe he ought to spend less time alone with her, at least until he knew for sure that Mortimer Brockert didn't care who Aiden O'Neil was.

OOC: Aiden’s dreams are over-exaggerating any relations he has had with Savannah. She is a good girl.

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