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Alistair Johnson
A letter for Ginger. (Before Midterm)
Wed Dec 14, 2016 15:49

It took Alistair a while to come to terms with the whole Ginger fiasco, because really it was quite a lot to take in. It was hurtful to think that Ginger, who heíd been friends with for so long, hadnít been able to come to him with her problem in the first place. But even so, the Crotalus knew he didnít want to leave things the way they were. Thus he sat down at his desk one evening to write her a letter.

Dear Ginger,

I am truly sorry if my words hurt you. That was never my intention, as I know you never intended to hurt anyone with your actions.

It was very disappointing to learn that despite having two captains in the past, you didnít feel that you were getting the support you needed. I think itís fair enough to wish you would have spoken up.

Therefore, donít you think speaking up when you first organised this group would have been a good idea? If there is an issue with the relationship between captains and their players across all teams, it is one that should directly be addressed, otherwise nothing can be fixed.

Perhaps you genuinely didnít think consulting the captains first was necessary but I still fail to see how swearing people to secrecy benefits anyone. Keeping secrets is not far removed from lying, so itís not fair to ask that of people.

I only write this in the hope that you can at least see where I am coming from and why I said what I did. Personally I hope that we can move on from this and that you will accept my apology if I have in any way upset you.

Your friend,


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