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Coming Clean to Liac
Thu Dec 15, 2016 09:00

Having reached a breakthrough in understanding her own motivation for initiating the Keeper Cabal while replying to Alistair, Ginger finally felt she could explain the whole thing to Liac in a satisfactory way. Until now, she had avoided telling him about it because there were parts of it she couldn't entirely understand herself nevermind make Liac understand that she wasn't trying to undermine him, but now those pieces had fallen into place and she had a much clearer idea of why she had felt the whole thing was a good idea in the first place.

So she headed down to the common room to ambush Teppenpaw's captain when next he passed through. She'd already written to Clark who had replied much more in line with how she had expected everyone else to react. Maybe it was that she had told him with no prompting, or maybe after explaining it all twice before she had found the right balance that didn't inadvertently insult people, or maybe it was because he was an Aladren who believed in gathering information from multiple sources (you didn't need to go to too many Science Club meetings to learn Research was a Key Feature Of Science) but he'd just written back, "Awesome. I'm glad you invited Lena to that!"

But as she had told Alistair, Liac was the one person she had really wanted to hide her Cabal from, and he had been the hardest to convince herself to come clean with. But now she was ready. Now she understood what she herself had wanted out of it, and wasn't distracted by the reasons she had tried to use to convince the others to try out being her friend.

"Hey, Liac," she greeted when she saw him, "Do you have a minute?"

"I don't know if you heard," she wasn't sure that Alistair or Joella or Clark had many people in common with Liac, but it was possible and this whole disaster had more legs than a centipede for getting around, so she wasn't excluding the possibility. "But I met with the other keepers a little while back now. I just wanted to get to know them a bit, make friends. You don't have a problem with that, do you? Some of the other captains expressed concerns and I don't want it to cause problems with our team either. Luke from Pecari wasn't interested, but Makenzie and Lena were both glad to spend some time together, not very often, just occasionally. We can all promise not to share team strategies and weaknesses if that makes people feel more comfortable with it."

  • A replyGinger, Wed Dec 14 22:57
    Ginger opened the letter with trepidation, recognizing the handwriting. She hadn't exactly been on the best terms with Alistair since the whole Keeper Cabal fiasco went down. She honestly wasn't sure ... more
    • Coming Clean to Liac — Ginger, Thu Dec 15 09:00
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