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Aiden O'Neil
Giving a Gift (Tag Savannah)
Mon Dec 19, 2016 19:34

Aiden had the gift for Savannah that he wanted to give her in a less public area like the Cascade Hall. He thought about sending it over owl but then was worried that it would get lost or damaged. He had never actually seen or heard of that happening and owls were quite good at their duties, but that fear kept him from doing so. He had spent such a long time looking through items until he found one that he thought was pretty enough for her to wear but not too fancy that she couldn’t wear it on a regular basis. He didn’t want it to look cheap either. His mother had given him words of wisdom as he had looked, but even with her help he was worried that Savannah wouldn’t like the necklace.

He had left the hall a little earlier than the Return Feast had ended and paced around the common room for a while as he thought up exactly how it was that he was going to give this to Savannah and hope that no one noticed if she ran off crying that it was hideous and she hated him. Aiden had imagined this moment many times since he picked out the gift. Sometimes he imagined her being enthusiastic and kissing him passionately (he liked those thoughts) but the more anxious side of him thought up some rather terrible scenarios for him. He had no idea he even worried about such things until the anxiety of buying his girlfriend brought it up.

Of course then Aiden started to worry about whether or not he should also get Scarlett something considering she was Savannah’s twin and he needed to make sure she continued to like him should he and Savannah end up becoming engaged in the future. This was not something that he had actually thought about as the future was so very far away, but sometimes his mom liked to remind him that it would have to happen eventually. He found a pair of earrings that he thought she might like. He really was only guessing on this one, but what girl didn’t like earrings? At least that was his mother’s opinion on the subject. Aiden really didn’t know one way or the other. For all he knew, Scarlett might not even have her ears pierced. If that were the case, he’d look like a complete idiot in front of the both of them.

When Aiden spotted Savannah enter into the common room, he nearly tripped over his own feet as he made his way over to her. He gave her a nervous smile and leaned in for a hug since he hadn’t seen her in awhile. “Hey Savannah.” He greeted, feeling like a buffoon for coming off so awkwardly towards her. “I have a gift for you.” He said, pulling the box from his pocket. “I have one for Scarlett too, but I wanted you to have yours first.”

    • Aww!Savannah Brockert, Sun Jan 8 16:20
      Savannah had spent midterm attending parties and watching her sister and cousins vye for the attention of young pureblood males-or at least, watched Scarlett and Kelsey vye for their attention, Kira... more
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