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Savannah Brockert
Sun Jan 8, 2017 16:20

Savannah had spent midterm attending parties and watching her sister and cousins vye for the attention of young pureblood males-or at least, watched Scarlett and Kelsey vye for their attention, Kira didn't seem to be at all comfortable and and like she was having a difficult time of it. Savannah felt bad for her shy cousin-and sitting back feeling satisfied that the pressure was off her. Savannah didn't have to impress anyone beyond what was normal for those of her status. Her parents seemed to think she was all taken care of.

Which admittedly could be utterly disastrous if something went wrong between her and Aiden but Savannah preferred not to think about that. There was currently no reason to worry as far as she knew. So why do so?

All in all though, it was good to be back at school. Her classes were fascinating, more in depth this year, even though obviously not every assignment excited her, and more importantly, she got to see Aiden on a daily basis. What wasn't to like? It wasn't as if Savannah really had anyone that she did not get on with and on the flipside, had people that she did other than her boyfriend and family.

And speaking of Aiden, she spotted him the moment she entered the common room, a warm happy feeling spreading over her. Before she could turn and make her way over to him, he was on his feet coming towards her and gave her a hug. He seemed rather nervous about something and she prepared herself to make it all better.

That was when he produced a package and Savannah grinned. "Oh thank you!" She unwrapped the box and removed the necklace. "It's beautiful." She put her arms around him, pulled him closer to her and gave him a big kiss. "And one for Scarlett too. That's so thoughtful and sweet. And she'll be excited too, she loves presents."

OOC-Sorry it took so long to reply. Holidays and health issues.

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