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Ginger Pierce
Conversations after lights out (5th year girls dorm)
Thu Jan 19, 2017 10:42

"Nox," Ginger cast, turning out the room's lights and laying back in her bed. "Good night, Lauren. Good night Jemima." She snuggled down under her blankets, hugging her stuffed whale like she did every night. Moby was nearly as old as she was and a bit threadbare, but even at fifteen the thought of not hugging him to sleep never once crossed her mind.

Quiet settled around them. Ginger found herself picking out her roommates' breathing. For the first time, she realized the patterns were as familiar to her as her own heartbeat. She became aware, hyperaware even, that she did this every night. She didn't tune it out, she sought the sound, as much a comfort to her as Moby was.

For several minutes, she just listened to the quiet in and out, but she found it was not lulling her to sleep as it usually did.

"I think I'm afraid of quiet," she announced to the room at large, in a whisper in case either of the others had fallen asleep already, but she hadn't noticed the change in their breathing that indicated they had yet. That day's DADA lesson still loomed large over her, and the boggart's revelation was just starting to make sense. "If I haven't mentioned it lately, I'm really glad you two are my roommates. I think I'd go mad if I was in here by myself with nobody else breathing or rustling their blankets at night. If either of you feel inclined to snore, don't stop yourself on my account."

The last was more jest than serious, but it was an invitation to talk for a little while, to settle the nerves stirred up by the boggart. "Are either of you having trouble sleeping tonight, too?"

    • Maybe with a small nightlight on?Jemima Wolseithcrafte, Sun Feb 5 02:35
      “Goodnight Ginger, goodnight Lauren,” Jemima echoed, as her room-mate turned out the lights. She wriggled her arms under the covers. It wasn’t super cold but it felt more secure to be entirely... more
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